A camera on Gallipoli: tour options


Exhibition options

What is being offered?

Two versions of the exhibition are available that venues/organisations will be able to produce themselves. The exhibition will be provided on the proviso that it is available for use within the First World War centenary period (to end December 2018).

Option 1: Print-ready files

This is essentially a do-it-yourself version of the exhibition. Print-ready design files will allow venues to produce the exhibition at their own expense and for a self-determined duration and time frame within the centenary period.

Between 35 and 45 linear metres of wall space are required for this display option.

The exhibition is not to be modified in any way; this includes the size of the theme panels, images, and captions. The only variation permitted is the exclusion of up to seven preselected images identified by the curators, should there be any reason the exhibition cannot be displayed in its entirety.

The images below are examples of a theme panel and an image from the exhibition:



The exhibition can be printed on a variety of substrates; the chart below provides an example of costs based on quotes we sought from several graphic production houses:

Print and substrate options

Content to be printed

Suggested uses

Cost estimate

High-res digital print direct to 10 mm Gatorboard with SANDTEX laminate.

39 images with captions (660 x 510 mm)

Eight theme panels (1,450 x 800 mm)

To provide a "museum-standard" exhibition, suitable for display in small regional museums and galleries.

$6,300 + GST + freight


High-res digital print direct to 10 mm Gatorboard (or equivalent).

39 images with captions (660 x 510 mm)

Eight theme panels (1,450 x 800 mm)

Could be re-hung a number of times at different venues over the centenary period (i.e. council library networks).

$5,800 + GST + freight

High-res digital print onto photo satin photographic paper with SANDTEX laminate (or equivalent).

39 images with captions (660 x 510 mm)

Eight theme panels (1,450 x 800 mm)

To be pinned to a wall, and could be re-hung a couple of times (i.e. at schools).

$3,800 + GST + freight

Please note that these estimates are indicative only, and will vary from one vendor to another, influenced by the preferred substrate. Costs above do not include framing or hanging.

Option 2: PowerPoint presentation

The exhibition has been reformatted to allow it to be presented on a monitor/TV screen as a slideshow. This option is suitable for small venues. All production costs and provision of technical equipment will be the responsibility of your organisation.

Sample screen shots of the PowerPoint presentation are seen here:



What is the cost?

Both options are provided free of charge by the Memorial with the expectation that the venue will be responsible for all production, installation, and maintenance costs.

What are the restrictions?

The expectations are outlined in the Copyright License Agreement.

How to confirm your interest

Both options are being offered free of charge to organisations.

If your organisation is interested in this exhibition, please complete and return the questionnaire to travelling.exhibitions@awm.gov.au

A Copyright License Agreement will be issued for signature and must be returned to the Memorial prior to the exhibition pack being issued.

The exhibition pack will contain: a CD containing the exhibition (print-ready or PowerPoint); a hard copy of the signed agreement; media pack; education learning resource; templates for promotion and launch; and supporting documentation.



Education kit