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Commonwealth celebrations

The creation of the new nation was celebrated in pageantry, parades, dinners and speeches. The festive mood lasted for days. On 1 January 1901 the inauguration ceremony was conducted in Sydney. It consisted of a monster parade followed by the proclamation of the Commonwealth and the swearing in of the Governor-General at Centennial Park.

The Sydney parade stretched for eight kilometres along the decorated streets and was watched by huge, noisy crowds. In Melbourne parades and celebrations were held on 9 May 1901 to mark the opening of the first federal parliament.

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AWM PROP 01896.002Federation invitation. Handsomely produced publications became treasured souvenirs of activities connected with the creation of the Commonwealth of Australia. AWMPROP2075

cartoon_06.jpg From The Bulletin 4 May 1901, pg 1. By permission of National Library of Australia.