Impressions: Australians in Vietnam

Impressions posterImpressions: Australians in Vietnam tells some of the personal stories of the Vietnam War. The exhibition explores the experience of Australians who served in Vietnam and their subsequent reflections on those experiences. It takes us from the arrival of Australians in Vietnam to their return home. The exhibition draws from the Memorial's extensive collection on the Vietnam War. Defence PR photographs and paintings by Australia's two official war artists' Bruce Fletcher and Ken McFadyen are contrasted with snapshots of service personnel as well as Ray Beattie's Image For A Dead Man and Dennis Trew's Names From The Book Of The Dead. Impressions: Australians in Vietnam examines the enduring impact and controversy surrounding the Vietnam War.

There is also an online version of this exhibition.

Location Start Finish
Townsville - Pinnacles Gallery 16/8/97 24/8/97
Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery 13/9/97 16/11/97
National Wool Museum Geelong 25/11/97 1/3/98
Bankstown Town Hall Art Gallery 8/3/98 31/3/98
Tamworth City Gallery * 9/4/98 24/5/98
Stanthorpe Art Gallery 19/6/98 16/7/98
Hamilton Art Gallery 2/10/98 28/10/98
Shepparton Art Gallery 6/11/98 13/12/98
Griffith Art Gallery 24/2/99 21/3/99
Manning Regional Art Gallery - Taree 15/4/99 23/5/99
Bundaberg Arts Centre 23/6/99 1/8/99
Campbelltown Bicentennial Art Gallery 12/8/99 26/9/99
AWM Special Exhibition gallery 14/10/99 5/12/99
Museum of the Goldfields, Kalgoorlie 22/12/99 30/1/00
Western Australian Museum, Perth 9/2/00 12/3/00
Albany Residency Museum 22/3/00 30/4/00
Geraldton Region Museum 3/7/00 18/8/00

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