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Weaponry and communications

3.5-inch M20 rocket launcher (bazooka)

The M20 was an improved version of the original anti-tank rocket launcher, nicknamed the bazooka, designed and used by the US Army during the Second World War. The M20 could be used against both tanks and stationary targets, such as bunkers. Against tanks it had a maximum effective range of 110 metres but it could be used against stationary targets up to 1,200 metres away. Australian infantry companies used the M20 to good effect against North Korean T-34 tanks in the fighting in late October 1950. At Chongju a bazooka team from 3 Platoon, A Company, 3 RAR destroyed three T-34s.

AWM P01813.373
Two members of 3 RAR, training for Korea, set up a
3.5-inch bazooka, Japan 1950.P01813.373

AWM P02498.016
Private Wallace "Wally" Hoare, A Company, 3 RAR, carries an M20 bazooka. The bazooka was broken down into two parts for ease of carriage. These parts were reassembled to form a tube before firing. Wally Hoare was killed in action at Kapyong
on 24 April 1951.P02498.016

Weaponry & Communications

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