Australia under attack 1942-1943

Australia under attackAustralia under Attack 1942-1943 illustrates the nature of life in wartime Australia as the nation came together for the war effort. It tells how ordinary Australians coped as everyday items such as food, clothing and fuel became scarce, rationing was introduced and Australians were encouraged to conserve, reuse and recycle.

The exhibition also deals with the frightening episodes in which Australians endured air and sea attacks. Those who lived through the attacks still recall the harrowing sights and sounds as the Japanese attacked. The exhibition outlines the breadth, magnitude and location of these attacks and puts the attacks into a context that younger Australians can understand.

Online Exhibition

An online exhibition has been developed to compliment the exhibition.

Australia under attack 1942-1943
Gallery City State Start Finish
The Workshops Rail Museum Ipswich QLD 03 June 2005 28 August 2005
Museum of Tropical Queensland Townsville QLD 14 October 2005 26 February 2006
Australian National Maritime Museum Sydney NSW 17 March 2006 11 June 2006
South Australian Maritime Museum Port Adelaide SA 30 June 2006 15 October 2006
Western Australian Museum Maritime Fremantle WA 01 December 2006 28 January 2007
Museum and Gallery of the Northern Territory Darwin NT 16 February 2007 08 July 2007