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29 November 2019

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The Australian War Memorial is hosting a series of community consultations in cities and towns around the country to discuss its plans to tell the stories of more recent conflicts and those who have served in them.

Launched by Prime Minister Scott Morrison in November, the Memorial’s Development Project plans include a new southern entrance, refurbishment of the main building, a new Anzac Hall connected to the main building via a glazed link, an extension to the Bean Building, and public realm works.

The plans have been submitted for assessment through the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC), including a Heritage Impact Assessment.

Deputy project director Chris Widenbar said the community consultation sessions are an important part of the project and he encouraged people to submit their comments through the EPBC.

“It’s a genuine chance for people to have a say,” he said. 

“We are sending teams out to about 20 locations to deliver about 40 events across Australia.

“This is a national project for the entire nation and this is our chance to listen to the community and respond.

“The Memorial is the national war memorial – the Australian War Memorial – to all those who have served and sacrificed over the past 100 years and more, and it’s important that people across the country can have their say.”

As part of the consultation process, teams from the Memorial will visit each state and territory in early December. In each of the cities and towns they visit, they will host two types of community consultation sessions: a one-hour presentation with a question-and-answer session, as well as three-hour community information drop-in sessions.

“Our hope is to talk to everyday Australians to find out what they think and what they would like to see, as well as consulting veterans and their families,” he said.

“Engaging with veterans and their families is of course absolutely critical because it’s their stories that we are seeking to tell through this development, and we really want to hear from them.”

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