Anniversary talks

22 March 2011

A series of talks held beside the Memorial's Roll of Honour. The talks were initiated in 2002 to mark the anniversary of the many significant events of 1942. The successful series of talks continued throughout 2003.

Remembering 1942

Sixty years ago Australia was at war: in North Africa, over Europe, in south-east Asia, on the seas across the world, and in Australia itself. 1942 was a decisive year for Australia and for the war. It began with the Axis powers triumphant in Russia and Asia. Then, in a series of battles in Stalingrad, Alamein, Papua, and Guadalcanal, the initiative shifted to the Allies. In 1942 Japan conquered south-east Asia and Australia came under attack, until its forces held and defeated the Japanese in Papua New Guinea.

Using documents and photographs drawn from its collection and introduced by its historians, the Memorial remembers Australia's war in 1942:

For schools

Activities for students based on the events of 1942.

Australian Military History Conference, 2002

The Memorial's Remembering 1942 history conference was held on Friday 31 May and Saturday 1 June 2002.