Journal: Biographies of Australian Army Figures

Biographies of Australian Army figures

Author Title Subject
J. Hetherington Blamey T.A. Blamey
C.E.W. Bean Two men I knew W.T. Bridges & C.B.B. White
W.B. Russell There goes a man S.G. Savige
F.H. Legg The Gordon Bennett story H.G. Bennett
F.J. Howard Kent Hughes W.S. Kent Hughes
J. Hetherington Blamey, controversial soldier T.A. Blamey
A.J. Smithers Sir John Monash J. Monash
I.D. Chapman Iven G. Mackay I.G. Mackay
J.H. Moore Morshead L.J. Morshead
A.J. Hill Chauvel of the Light Horse H.G. Chauvel
C.D. Coulthard-Clark A heritage of spirit W.T. Bridges
G.H. Fearnside & K.R. Clift Dougherty, a great man among men I.N. Dougherty
S. Sayers Ned Herring E.F. Herring
G. Serle John Monash J. Monash
S.F. Arneil Black Jack F.G. Galleghan
P.A. Pedersen Monash as military commander J. Monash
A.B. Lodge The fall of General Gordon Bennett H.G. Bennett
J.A. Williams & R.D. Goodman Jane Bell, OBE J. Bell
C.D. Coulthard-Clark No Australian need apply J.G. Legge
I.W. Grant Jacka, VC A. Jacka
W.G. Rimmer In time for war J.W.A. O'Brien
M. Clisby Guilty or innocent? H.G. Bennett
J. Grey Australian brass H.C.H. Robertson
D.M. Horner General Vasey's war G.A. Vasey
S. Ebury Weary E.E. Dunlop
J.A. Ingle From Duntroon to the Dardanelles W.H. Dawkins
L.G. Stubbings Command wisely L.W. Fargher
C.D. Coulthard-Clark McNamara, VC F.H. McNamara
P. Vincent My darling Mick G.L. Ryrie
R. Derham The silence ruse C.B.B. White
D.M. Horner Blamey T.A. Blamey
C. McCullough Roden Cutler, VC A.R. Cutler
A.B. Lodge Lavarack J.D. Lavarack
M.B. Tyquin Neville Howse N.R. Howse
N.G. Manners Bullwinkel V. Bullwinkel
B. Edgar Warrior of Kokoda A.W. Potts
P.S. Sadler The paladin J. Gellibrand
P.F. Brune We band of brothers R. Honner
S. Braga ANZAC doctor N.R. Howse
J. Thomson Winning with intelligence J.D. Rogers
A.E. Blair There to the bitter end F.P. Serong