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The Australian War Memorial is currently undertaking a project to create a comprehensive digital archive of the ANZACs and their deeds, and of the wider Australian experience of war. The collections are selected from our extensive archives and reflect the experiences of Australian servicemen, nurses and civilians during the First World War, not just well-known personalities. This project will digitally preserve the Memorial’s collections as well as provide full copies for research on the Memorial’s website.

As part of this project the Memorial is seeking contact with relatives of the persons listed below. If you have any further information about these people, or their descendants, the Memorial would love to talk to you. Please contact Daniel McGlinchey via


27163 Gunner John Stanley Bannon and 27164 Driver Nicholas Bannon MM

Collection relating to the First World War service of brothers 27163 Gunner John Stanley Bannon, 2nd  Field Artillery Brigade and 27164 Driver Nicholas Bannon MM, 6th Field Artillery Brigade. The collection includes biographical information on the brothers prepared by the Australian War Memorial, a typed copy of a letter by the brother's father Mr J. P. Bannon and typed extracts of letters from the Bannon brothers to the Bannon family in Dublin, Ireland. John S. Bannon was killed in France on 7 August 1918. The associated Embarkation Roll for the brothers lists the next of kin as their mother, Mrs E. Bannon, Anna Cottage, Upper Clanbrazil-Street (correct spelling Clanbrassil), Dublin, Ireland. Collection number: 1DRL/0087.


337 Sergeant Hugh Barr MM



Collection relating to the First World War service of 337, Sergeant Hugh Barr MM, 44th Battalion. Collection includes letters written by Barr to his mother Mrs M. Barr, Ireland, relating to the award of Military Medal to Barr and condolence letters relating to Barr's death in action on the Western Front, 13 October 1917.  The associated Roll of Honour Circular lists his next of kin as his mother, Margaret Barr, 1 Balneum Terrace, Larne Harbour, Ireland. Barr’s service record holds information of his cousin, Jessie Lane, 27 Henry Street, Fremantle WA. Collection number: 1DRL/0092.


2880 Lance Corporal John Shakespeare Bartley

Collection relating to the First World War service of 2880, Lance Corporal John Shakespeare Bartley, 30th Battalion. Collection contains memoirs and souvenirs of service bound into album. Typed carbon copy of memoirs written after Bartley's return to Australia and prior to 1927. Original souvenirs and documents are pasted to memoir pages. The associated Embarkation Roll for Bartley lists his next of kin his mother, Mrs Pricilla Ann Bartley, “Stratford,” Vaucluse road, Vaucluse, Sydney, NSW.  Collection number: 1DRL/0100.


Major Garnet Ingamells Adcock

Collection relating to the First World War service of Major Garnet I. Adcock, 2nd Australian Tunnelling Company. The collection consists of detailed descriptions his of service in the trenches in France, covering the period 1916-1919. Included are details of Adcock's marriage to Belgian Marguerite Marie Van Collie in 1918.  The associated Embarkation Roll for Adcock lists his next of kin as his farther, G. H. Adcock, Viticultural College, Rutherglen, VIC. Collection number: 2DRL/0123.


37865 Gunner Keith Shadforth Sheen Dowling

Collection relating to the First World War service of 37865 Gunner Keith Shadforth Sheen Dowling, 7th Field Artillery Brigade. The collection consists of two letters written to his mother. One dated 30 September 1918, contains information about movements and the other, written 11 November of the same year, while Dowling heard news of signing of the Armistice. The associated Embarkation Roll for Dowling lists his next of kin as his father, Neville Dowling, “Ashford,” Sydney Street, Chatswood, Sydney, NSW. Collection number: 2DRL/0259.


Captain Robert Cuthbert Grieve VC



Collection relating to the First World War service of Captain Robert Cuthbert Grieve VC, 37th Battalion. Collection consists of a typescript account of the Battle of Messines on 7 June 1917 in which Grieve won the Victoria Cross. It describes the preparation in the preceding weeks and the battle itself. Included is a photocopy of a sketch map of the sector in which Grieve and the 37th Battalion fought. The associated Embarkation Roll for Grieve lists his next of kin as his mother, Mrs Annie Grieve, “Erne Lodge,” 254 Bay Street, Brighton, VIC. Collection number: 2DRL/0260.


Captain Henry Stanley Davis

Collection relating to the First World War service of Captain Henry Davis, 46th Battalion. Collection consists of detailed letters home describing the bravery of stretcher bearers and soldiers. Other themes include artillery bombardment and the ruins of Pozieres and one letter regarding Davis' death in action at Bullecourt on 11 April 1917. The diary covers Davis’ service from embarkation in October 1915 up to when he was killed. The associated Roll of Honour Circular lists his next of kin as his mother, Mrs E.E. Davis, “Craig-Elvin”, 20 Shannon Avenue, Newtown, Geelong, VIC. Collection number: 2DRL/0547


3470 Corporal Arthur G. Thomas

Collection relating to the First World War service of 3470 Corporal Arthur G. Thomas, 6th Battalion.  Collection consists of typescript copies of letters home, a photocopy of Thomas’ diary with regular entries for 1916-1917 and a notebook on his war experiences. Thomas was killed in action on 8 June 1918 near Strazeele, just east of Hazebrouck, northern France. The associated Roll of Honour Circular lists his next of kin as his brother, Mr Frederick William Thomas, 52 Kellett Street, Kings Cross, Sydney, NSW. His sister is also listed, Miss L.C. Thomas, “Moolawa” Irving Road, Toorak, Melbourne, VIC. Collection number: 3DRL/2206


Hans Heinz Harmes-Emden

An account by a former crew member of SMS Emden regarding the battle in November 1914 with HMAS Sydney and the subsequent scuttling of the Emden at the Cocos Islands. The last known address for Harmes-Emden is Hamburge-Bergstedt, KIRCHENHEIDE 31, Germany. Collection number: MSS122


250 Private James Hodgen


Collection relating to the First World War service of 250 Private James Hodgen, 5th Machine Gun Battalion. The collection includes a letter describing the attack on Villers Bretonneux, April 1918, a postcard and a later letter forwarded from the Australian War Memorial to the donor. The associated Embarkation Roll for Hodgen lists as his next of kin his father, James Hodgen, Brackley, Herbert Street, Rockdale, NSW. Collection number: PR83/016


1295 Driver John Henry Llewellyn Turnbull

Collection relating to the First World War service of 1295 Driver John Henry Llewellyn Turnbull, 8th Battalion. The collection consists of Turnbull's 6 diaries, transcribed by hand after the war and includes hand drawn maps and newspaper clippings. It describes his service on Gallipoli, including the landing and evacuation, his work as mule train driver supplying munitions on Somme and Passchendaele battlefields. A studio photograph of Turnbull is at the back of his third diary. The associated Embarkation Roll for Turnbull lists as his next of kin his father, James Turnbull, Daisy Street, Newtown, Geelong, VIC. Collection number: PR91/015


2430 Private Wilfred Denver Gallwey

Collection relating to the First World War service of 2430 Private Wilfred Denver Gallwey, 15th and 47th Battalions. The collection consists of extensive and detailed letters home from England and France. The associated Embarkation Roll for Gallwey lists as his next of kin his father, William Joseph Gallwey of, Dawson Road, Rockhampton, QLD. Collection number: 2DRL/0785


2715 Leading Signalman Stanley Alfred Gedling

Papers of Leading Signalman Stanley Alfred Gedling created during his service with the Royal Australian Navy during the First World War. Gedling kept a diary covering the period 1913-1918 while on the HMAS Melbourne. Other items in the collection include service papers, photographs and a certificate relating to Gedling's visit to the American Fleet in Melbourne 1908, with his Ballarat Naval Cadet class. His next of kin is listed as Grace Gedling of Ballarat. Collection number: PR02076


Dermot McCabe

Clan McCabe Society Ireland. we are looking for a List of McCabes from Ireland and Australia that Fought In World War 1, from your archives as we intend to publish a book in the near future. We would appreciate it if you would help us with our research? thank you. From Mr Dermot McCabe BA Research Officer Clan McCabe Society 8 Roslea Road Clones County Monaghan Ireland.

Daniel McGlinchey says:

Hi Dermont, Thank you for reading the blog regarding Anzac Connections. I have replied to your request via email and I wish you well in your endeavours to publish your book. Kind regards Daniel McGlinchey.

Catherine Sullivan

Captain Henry Stanley Davis - a book has been published this year entitled The Drysdale Boys and One Girl by Bob Willey and included details of all WW1 soldiers from the Drysdale area, including Captain Henry Stanley Davis. I understand that Bob may know the descendants of Cpt Davis. His contact details can be found in the white pages under R & L Willey of Drysdale. Hopefully you are able to contact Bob Willey and find some descendants.

Daniel McGlinchey says:

Hi Catherine, Thank you for the information and assisting in the Anzac Connection project. I will follow that useful lead. Kind Regards Daniel McGlinchey.

pearl williams

Hi Daniel, I lost a great uncle in the 1st World War, he immigrated to Australia with his brother Tom Owen. They were from North Wales, it must have been terrible for my great grandmother she lost that son twice, the first time when he emigrated and then when he died from his wounds. I never knew my great uncle Frank but I feel very proud of him. Good luck with your venture.

Daniel McGlinchey says:

Hi Pearl, such a sad story and unfortunately so common. It’s through relations such as yourself, however, that the memories of the fallen live on, and I thank you for your wishes regarding the Anzac Connections project. Kind regards Daniel.

Michael Dowsett

Hans Heinz Harmes-Emden In the 1920s the survivors of SMS EMDEN and the descendants of those lost in the battle were given permission to add "Emden" to their surnames and it is my understanding that all did. As a result there is now an active family group with its own website . This would seem to be a means of contacting his relatives. Mike Carlton's book "First Victory" notes that Harms-Emden ( his spelling which differs from your record) attended a ceremony at the AWM in 1964, the fiftieth anniversary of the battle

Daniel McGlinchey says:

Hi Michael, Thank you for taking the time to write to me with this information. I have contacted the Emden Family and unfortunately they have no details for the Memorial regarding Harmes-Emden’s relations. We knew of his attendance at the Memorial in 1964 but again no leads regarding his next of kin. Thank you once again for your assistance, Daniel McGlinchey.

Craig Fotheringham

My grandfather, Ernest Boston, with the Captain's Messenger of the HMAS Sydney at the time of the Sydney-Emden action. I have photographs of Ernest and Herr Hans Heinz Harms-Emden in Sydney, 1964 attending the war memorial and commemorating the battle. The spelling used in Mike's book matched a photograph and article released by the German Embassy on Dec 7 1964.

Daniel McGlinchey says:

Hi Craig, Thank you for your information, we have a variety of sources with different spelling regarding Harmes-Emden, and are taking the information into consideration. We have searched with both spellings of his name and unfortunately we still have no leads in locating family members for Herr Hans. Kind regards Daniel McGlinchey.

Craig Fotheringham

Daniel, hi thanks for the reply. Looking through my grandfathers collection, i've found a few items that may be of interest. I have a photograph of Hans as a young seaman. I also have a typed document dated 1968, containing addresses of the Emden families, widows, sons and associates. Hans isn't listed on this document, but a Harms-E., Birgit is listed. Her address is given as 2000 Hamburg 69, Kirchenheide 31 I assume that her presence on this list, without Hans indicates that at this stage she may be a widow. I have a letter to Ernest Boston dated 1969 containing a number of signatures of the Emden families, Hans doesn't appear on this list either, which seems to corroborate the 1968 document. Hoping this helps you in your search.

Daniel McGlinchey says:

Hi Craig, Thanks once again for your information. Hans died in 1965 and he and his wife had no children. We know he had a brother but the Emden family association does not have any contact information regarding any of Hans relatives. Hopefully one of them might see this blog in the future. Kind regards Daniel McGlinchey.

Craig Fotheringham

@Michael Dowsett - all but two Emden sailors took the name Emden.

Charles Davis

James Hodgen is remembered on Rockdale Municipal and Bexley Presbyterian Church honour rolls - and is one of over 2600 enlistees from Rockdale and surrounding suburbs on my personal WW1 tribute website Feel free to browse away - there may be an unknown relative.

John Reading

g'day Daniel, we have our profile of Garnet Adcock in the Nominal Roll section of our website - there may be something useful in there for our project. We are not aware of any living relatives. also wondered if you are related to the Broken Hill or Boulia McGlincheys, one of whom served with Adcock. regards JohnR Townsville