Souvenir pennant : HMAS Australia (II)


Triangular navy blue felt souvenir pennant, screen printed in orange, green and red. The pennant reads vertically from the hoist with an interpretation of Australia's Coat of Arms. On the scroll work beneath are battle honours divided into two columns. The left reads: 'DAKAR 1-11'; 'CORAL SEA' ; 'SOLOMON IS' ; 'C.GLOUCESTER' ; 'AITAPE' and 'MOROTAI'. The right reads: 'HOLLANDIA' ; 'WAKDE' ; 'BIAK' ; 'NOEMFOOR' ; 'ARAWE' and 'LEYTE'. 'LINGAYEN' is in the middle of the two columns and joins the scroll together flanked by two stars. Below is 'HMAS AUSTRALIA' and an anchor.

History / Summary

This pennant was made as a souvenir for the crew of the HMAS Australia (II). HMAS Australia (II) was a County Class Heavy Cruiser, constructed in Scotland in 1928. HMAS Australia (II) had extensive service during World War II, including sustaining several kamikaze attacks. After the war HMAS Australia (II) was recommissioned as Flagship of the Australian Squadron for a short time, and then Flagship of the ANZAC Squadron. HMAS Australia (II) was sold and broken up in England in 1956.