Personal Files Book 15, 1 April - 10 May 1917

Accession Number RCDIG0000619
Collection number 3DRL/2316
Collection type Digitised Collection
Record type File
Item count 66
Object type Papers
Physical description 176 Image/s captured
Maker Monash, John
Place made Belgium
Date made 1917
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918
Copying Provisions Digital format and content protected by copyright.

File of papers relating to the First World War service of Major General John Monash, 3rd Australian Division. This file, originally part of Book 15, covers 1 April 1917 to 10 May 1917 and includes a number of documents titled 'Magnum Opus', relating to the Messines Offensive of June 1917. These documents reveal Monash's attention to detail, meticulous planning and his belief that a successful strategy relied on using ground forces, air forces and artillery in concert. Also included is a document on the design of war medals, with Monash's opinions on a British or International medal.
This file contains:
Weather of April, May and June in the British Army Area, including a chart of average monthly rainfall, and diagram showing rainfall for Hazebrouck, April 1917;
Addendum to 3rd Australian Division Order No. 26, 1 April 1917;
Unsigned letter from Major General, 3rd Australian Division to Brigadier Generals Jobson and McNicoll, 2 April 1917;
Extract from G.26/410 displaying March Table, 4 April 1917;
Letter from Brigadier General Jobson to Monash, 6 April 1917;
Report by Brigadier General Jobson on the state of the 9th Brigade, 6 April 1917;
Message from Major McRae to HQ, 3rd Australian Division, 7 April 1917;
Notes on stores left at Tatinghem by 10th Brigade, 7 April 1917;
Unsigned Report on a Recent Minor Operation. Concerns an attack on German trenches conducted on the Somme, 8 April 1917;
Notes by Lieutenant Colonel Murray on the attack on German trench, 8 April 1917;
Message from Brigadier General McNicoll to Monash, including court martial report on the alleged abandonment of stores, 8 April 1917;
Notes from 'Magnum Opus', containing extracts relevant to the 3rd Division, 8 April 1917;
Artillery Programme, 9 April 1917;
Magnum Opus: Outline of Plan, 9 April 1917;
Magnum Opus: Preliminary Outline, 9 April 1917;
Letter from B.G., General Staff, 2nd ANZAC to Monash, 10 April 1917;
Document titled 'Magnum Opus: Outline of Plan', 10 April 1917 [Draft];
Article titled 'The "Y Emma" Work Amongst the Third Division, Frank Beaurepaire's Success', 11 April 1917;
Notes for 'Magnum Opus', 12 April 1917;
Notes from Corps Conference of 13 April. G.O.C, 13 April 1917;
Notes from Corps Conference of 13 April. G.s.O. 1, 13 April 1917;
Message from Major General, 3rd Australian Division to 3rd Australian Division, 14 April 1917;
Messines Operation Magnum Opus, containing instructions and expected dispositions for each battalion involved, 15 April 1917 [Draft];
Provisional divisional plan for Magnum Opus, 15 April 1917 [Copy];
Sketch for Magnum Opus, showing positions and directions of troops to be involved in the assault, 15 April 1917;
Notes on Status of C.R.E, 16 April 1917;
Document titled 'Notes on Recent Operations of Fourth Army' by General Rawlinson, 17 April 1917;
Notes for 'Hooroush' Scheme given by the Brigadier General, General Staff, 17 April 1917;
3rd Australian Division Order, issued by Lieutenant Colonel Jackson, 18 April 1917;
Divisional Order issued by Monash to HQ, 2nd ANZAC. Contains Divisional Plan regarding the Messines attack, 19 April 1917;
Agenda paper for C.R.E for the 3rd Australian Division, 21 April 1917;
Note for Magnum Opus regarding the allocating of engineers and pioneers, 22 April 1917;
Letter from Monash to HQ, 2nd ANZAC, originally dated 17th April. The appendices outline specific trenches to be preserved during preliminary bombing for the Messines Offensive, 22 April 1917;
Letter from Monash to 2nd ANZAC R.A., Corps Heavy Artillery and C.R.A. 3rd Australian Division, 25 April 1917;
Notes on Recent Operations Carried out by the 1st and 3rd Armies, 26 April 1917 [Copy];
Letter from Lieutenant Colonel Jackson to 3rd Division. Contains Magnum Opus Conference Agenda and a table of 'suspected' enemy strong points in the 'U' Sector, 26 April 1917;
Additional Notes on Recent Operations carried out by the 1st and 3rd Armies, 27 April 1917;
Letter from Monash to the 3rd Australian Division, 27 April 1917;
Agenda for Demonstration of April 28th, 28 April 1917;
Notes for conference, 29 April 1917;
Notes from Conference at Divisional HQ on 29th April, 30 April 1917;
Draft Map, 30 April 1917;
Notes on 'Model', 1 May 1917;
Lyrics for a song titled: 'Descriptive of our Experiences at Hill 63', May 1917;
Memorandum issued by Brigadier General McNicoll to the Officers, N.C.Os and men of the 10th Australian Infantry Brigade, 1 May 1917;
Diagram Showing German Trenches, organisation and defences of a Divisional Sector, captured in April 1917, 1 May 1917;
Extract from 2nd Army Daily Intelligence Summary relating to German Document captured in April, 2 May 1917;
Notes titled 'Points G.O.C. Might Like to Mention to Brigadiers', 2 May 1917;
Unsigned letter from HQ, 3rd Australian Division to Major General McCay, 3 May 1917 [Draft];
Letter from Monash to 3rd Australian Division, 4 May 1917;
Notes on War Medals, 5 May 1917;
Note to G.O.C, 5 May 1917;
Message from GI3 to GI2, 6 May 1917;
Letter from HQ, 3rd Australian Division to Major General McCay, 6 May 1917;
Summary of Intelligence from the Canadian Corps, includes prisoner examination by the Canadian Corps and a translation of a regimental order, 6 May 1917;
First Army Intelligence Summary No. 845, [date unknown];
Message from Brigadier General Jobson to Monash, 7 May 1917;
Notes 'Obtained on 8th May from 1st Canadian Division', 8 May 1917;
Notes from Corps Commanders Conference, 9 May 1917;
Notes from Corps Conference, 9 May 1917;
List of divisions, corps and army, 9 May 1917;
Letter from Brigadier General Cannan to HQ 3rd Australian Division, 9 May 1917;
Letter from General Birdwood to General Howse, 9 May 1917 [Copy];
Message from General Howse to 3rd Australian Division, 9 May 1917;
Correspondence about rats and the diseases carried by them, 10 May 1917;
Open Warfare scheme for 11th Australian Infantry Brigade issued by Major Wooten, 10 May 1917.