Personal Files Book 14, 10 February - 30 March 1917

Accession Number RCDIG0000618
Collection number 3DRL/2316
Collection type Digitised Collection
Record type File
Item count 77
Object type Papers
Physical description 178 Image/s captured
Maker Monash, John
Place made France
Date made 1917
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918
Copying Provisions Digital format and content protected by copyright.

File of papers relating to the First World War service of Major General John Monash, 3rd Australian Division. This file, originally part of Book 14, covers 10 February 1917 to 30 March 1917 and includes several drawings from 'Mary' to Monash, postcards from John Patrick McGlinn and Harold Pope to Monash and his wife, divisional orders establishing plans for an assault on enemy trenches, a report on the raid produced by Monash, and a number of receipts and addresses for hotels used by Monash in France whilst on leave. It also includes a chart displaying the organisation of intelligence in the 2nd Army and a letter from Monash highlighting the significant number of men from his division deployed elsewhere.
This file contains:
Letter from 'Mary' to Monash, including a child's drawing of a house with smoke, 10 February 1917;
Notes for Major Anderson, 10 February 1917;
Amendment to Staff Circular No. 32, 10 February 1917;
Staff Circular No. 35 A, 10 February 1917;
Postcard from Lou Rosenhain [sister] to Mrs Monash, 11 February 1917;
Postcard to Monash from Lou Rosenhain [sister], 11 February 1917;
Notes on Artillery, 14 February 1917;
Instructions issued by Major Jackson to 3rd Australian Division, 15 February 1917;
3rd Australian Division Order No. 16, February 1917;
Graphs displaying 'Fluctuation of Enemy's Artillery' for 15 January to 15 February, 15 February 1917;
Table displaying census of Infantry Battalions of the 3rd Australian Division, 18 February 1917;
Suggested positions for artillery during raids, 18 February 1917;
Document titled 'Return Showing Other Ranks of 12th Infantry Battalion on Extra Regimental Employment', 18 February 1917;
Daily schedule, [date unknown];
General Staff Circular No. 37A, 20 February 1917;
Drawing from 'Mary' to Monash, 20 February 1917;
Account of 'Reason Edwardes-Ker was late and missed dining with G.O.C.', 20 February 1917;
Message from Brigadier General Solly-Flood to Second Army, 22 February 1917;
List of those subscribing to the 'Bailleul Club', 22 February 1917;
Notes from lecture by Lieutenant Colonel Mitchell, 23 February 1917;
Notes of 'Intelligence on Enemy', 23 February 1917;
Diagram showing wind direction from N.W. Titled Figure 1, [date unknown];
Diagram showing wind direction from W.N.W. Titled Figure 2, [date unknown];
Diagram showing wind direction from W. Titled Figure 3, [date unknown];
Diagram showing wind direction from W.S.W. Titled Figure 4, [date unknown];
Diagram showing wind direction from S.W. Titled Figure 5, [date unknown];
Letter from Lieutenant Colonel Jackson to Brigadier General McNicoll, 23 February 1917;
List of Duntroon graduates and their current positions and locations, [date unknown];
Paper by Monash on 'Man Power Saving', 23 February 1917;
General Staff Circular No. 39A, 24 February 1917;
Circular Memorandum No. 51 on Presentations of Decorations by the Army Commander, 25 February 1917;
Report on raid of the night of the 24th February, by Monash, 25 February 1917;
Normal Formation for the Attack. Includes legend for platoons and diagram of the formation, 26 February 1917;
Nominal roll of officers employed on duties outside the 3rd Australian Division, 27 February 1917;
Report by Monash on an operation carried out by a composite brigade, 28 February 1917;
Report on operation by composite brigade by Lieutenant Colonel Davis, 28 February 1917;
Monash's leave pass for 1 March to 31 May, 1 March 1917;
Letter from Major General 3rd Australian Division to G.O.Cs 9th, 10th and 11th Infantry Brigades, 1 March 1917;
Precis of lecture by Divisional Commander, 1 March 1917;
Diagrams No. 1 & 2 showing Halting Barrage and Creeping Barrage, 1 March 1917;
Diagrams No. 3 & 4 showing arrangement of platoon and expected disposition, 1 March 1917;
Message from Brigadier General Delavoye to HQ, 3rd Australian Division, 1 March 1917;
Message from 2nd ANZAC to 3rd Australian Division, 2 March 1917;
Table showing seniority of Brigade Commanders, 3 March 1917;
Agenda for trip to Paris, 3 March 1917;
List of Duntroon graduates and their current positions and locations, 4 March 1917;
Unsigned letter from Major General, 3rd Australian Division to HQ, 2nd Australian and NZ Army Corps, 6 March 1917;
Report from Lieutenant Colonel Tatham to 2nd ANZAC, 7 March 1917;
Letter from Sir Godley to Monash, 7 March 1917;
Message from 2nd ANZAC to HQ 3rd Australian Division, 7 March 1917;
Notes from Corps Conference, 7 March 1917;
Identification form for Lieutenant Colonel Brett, 10 March 1917;
Notes from conversation between Monash and A.D.C. Second Army, 14 March 1917;
Program for concert by Bruyant Alexandre to raise money for the war, written in French and annotated by Monash, [date unknown];
Extracts from report on machine gun barrage fire employed on the Somme, March 1917;
Envelope from trip to French Riviera containing addresses and business cards, [date unknown];
Envelope containing items from the hotel Monash stayed in on the Riviera. Contains toothpicks, nickel, opera tickets, train and tram tickets, [date unknown];
Opera program for 'Le Barbier de Seville', 18 March 1917;
Flyer for Monte Carlo Opera, 18 March 1917;
Statement showing O.R. employed on duty outside the 'divisional area', 22 March 1917;
Notes from a Corps Conference, 23 March 1917;
Table of units of the 74th Infantry Brigade; displays where they are being billeted, commanding officer and the work being undertaken, 25 March 1917;
Monash's 'Magnum Opus', 27 March 1917;
Report on 'the role of the infantry in consolidating a captured position and how to deal with craters', contains series of diagrams relating to certain eventualities, 28 March 1917;
Monash's 'Magnum Opus', 29 March 1917 [Copy];
Message from 'Clarke' to G.O.C: Notes by Monash describes it as 'an example of an "Official" letter, 30 March 1917;
Legends and colour patterns to be used when preparing maps illustrating Artillery Bombardment Schemes, 30 March 1917;
Two tickets to the Opera at the Theatre de Monte-Carlo, 18 March 1917;
Receipt for the Restaurant Du Golf de Monte-Carlo, 19 March 1917;
Receipt for the Hotels Regina Palace & Balmoral, Menton, 20 March 1917;
Receipt for the Hotel Astra, Paris, March 1917;
Receipt for the Hotel du Rhin, Amiens, March 1917;
Receipt for the Restaurant de L'Hotel de Paris, Monte-Carlo, March 1917;
Receipt for Maxim's restaurant, Paris, March 1917;
Receipt for the Buffet Hotel, Paris-Nord, March 1917;
Receipt for the Tea Room at L'Hotel de Paris, Monte-Carlo, March 1917;
Receipts for the buffet car on the train from Menton to Lyon, March 1917.