Personal Files Book 14, 1 December 1916 - 10 February 1917

Accession Number RCDIG0000617
Collection number 3DRL/2316
Collection type Digitised Collection
Record type File
Item count 85
Object type Papers
Physical description 185 Image/s captured
Maker Monash, John
Place made France
Date made 1916
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918
Copying Provisions Digital format and content protected by copyright.

File of papers relating to the First World War service of Major General John Monash, 3rd Australian Division. This file, originally part of Book 14, covers 1 December 1916 to 10 February 1917 and includes an extensive report on weather patterns in France, a circular on rationing of stores, including information on the amounts needed to meet the daily needs of soldiers, a memorandum on espionage and the need for constant vigilance, a circular about shell shock, and an outline for plans to carry out an offensive on the Ypres Salient. This file also includes a postcard from Monash to 'Uncle Elkan' [Elkan Nathan Adler], a prominent figure in Jewish society in England.
This file contains:
Notification on weather patterns for January, February and March for the British Army Area. Contains graphs and diagrams, December 1916;
Circular Memorandum No. 25 for 3rd Australian Division, 1 December 1916;
List of questions 'to be noted when going round trenches', 1 December 1916;
Notes on the Organisation and Working of 3rd Australian Division HQ, 2 December 1916;
Report by Lieutenant Colonel Jackson on tram lines in the left divisional sector of the corps, 4 December 1916;
Service record for Sergeant Theophilus Hengist, 7 December 1916;
Note with the location of the grave of Harry Cathie, 7 December 1916;
Note titled 'Agenda and Harry Cathie's Grave', 8 December 1916;
Agenda list for Artillery Cooperation discussed in Conference at 10th Brigade HQ, 8 December 1916;
Tables showing issues and stocks held at 3rd Division Ordnance, 8 December 1916;
Note from Lieutenant Jack to G.O.C. 3rd Australian Division, 9 December 1916;
General Staff Circular No. 8a for 3rd Australian Division, 10 December 1916:
Notes for agenda for an Engineering Conference, 11 December 1916;
Congratulation card from Major General Cox, to 'Un-named', for 'gallant conduct under fire', 13 December 1916;
General Routine Orders, issued by Sir Haig, 14 December 1916 [Copy];
Instructions from Lieutenant General Birdwood to 1st ANZAC, 14 December 1916;
General Staff Circular No.38, contains appendix with information on an 'assaulting platoon', 16 December 1916;
General Staff Circular No. 9A for 3rd Australian Division, 18 December 1916;
Notification of inspection, issued by Brigadier General Delavoye, 19 December 1916;
Circular Memorandum No.36 for 3rd Australian Division, 19 December 1916;
Instructions for inspection by Commander in Chief, contains diagram of how troops are to be arranged, 20 December 1916;
Special Order issued by Monash, 22 December 1916;
Message from Monash to 3rd Australian Division, 23 December 1916;
Letter from Lieutenant Colonel Whitham to Brigadier General Grimwade, 24 December 1916;
Message from 1st ANZAC to 3rd Australian Division, 24 December 1916;
Message from General Nicholson to Monash, 24 December 1916;
Note concerning the reorganisation of the Australian Field Artillery, sent by Lieutenant Colonel Whitham to HQ, 2nd ANZAC. Contains notes sent to Admin HQ, AIF and a memo to the War Office, 24 December 1916;
Artillery Reorganisation for the AIF, [date unknown];
Message from 4th Australian Division to 3rd Australian Division, 25 December 1916;
Menu for 'A' Mess, 25 December 1916;
General Staff Circular No. 13A, for Divisional School, 26 December 1916;
Program for the 'Coo-ees', a Troupe of Pierrots, 26 December 1916;
Memorandum on the Prevention of Espionage and Leakage of Information, annotated by Monash, 27 December 1916;
Menu for Chateau La Motte, 27 December 1916;
Voucher, in French for 2 Francs, [date unknown];
Letter to 'Donnelly', 2 January 1917 [Draft];
Notes on court martial cases, 3 January 1917;
Message from J.A. Milne to G.O. 2, 4 January 1917;
Notes on Inspection, 4 January 1917;
Leave pass for Monash, from 6 January to 28 February, on the reverse are instructions in both English and French, 6 January 1917;
Instructions for the arrangements regarding sleep, rest and recreation time for the 3rd Australian Division, 11 January 1917;
General Staff Circular No. 24A, 11 January 1917;
Notification of Embarkation, includes table of duties of officers leaving Southampton, 15 January 1917;
Notes on Programme of Musketry, 16 January 1917;
Instructions on Rules as to New Commissions, 17 January 1917;
Document titled 'Possible Notes for Conference', 17 January 1917;
Preliminary instructions for a Minor Enterprise to be Carried out by the 10th Infantry Brigade, 17 January 1917;
Monash's notes on Brigades, 19 January 1917;
Syllabus of Lectures for Senior Officers, including series of tables on Ammunition, 19 January 1917;
List of Unit appointments to Command Rank, 20 January 1917;
Routine Order No. 146 issued by Monash, 22 January 1917;
10th Australian Infantry Brigade Order No. 13, 22 January 1917;
Note to Monash. Includes lists of Frank's Force, who they will be relieved by, their position, Wagon lines and the positions of the Right Group - Left sector artillery, 25 January 1917;
Message from Monash, 27 January 1917 [Draft];
Post Card to Mr. Adler, 27 January 1917;
Circular Memorandum No. 46 on Shell Shock, 28 January 1917;
Report from General Jobson, 29 January 1917;
Report on raid on enemy trenches for the night 28/29 January, 29 January 1917;
Table displaying an analysis of casualties, 29 January 1917;
Intelligence Summary No. 35 for 11th Australian Infantry Brigade, 29 January 1917;
Message from Lieutenant Colonel Cannan to Monash, 30 January 1917;
Message from [Brigadier General] W[alter] Ramsay McNicoll to Monash, 30 January 1917;
List of Killed or Wounded for 9th, 10th and 11th Brigades, 30 January 1917;
Agenda for Enterprise by 10th Infantry Brigade, 30 January 1917;
Message from Brigadier General Charteris to 'Second Army', 30 January 1917;
Message from Brigadier General Charteris to 'Second Army', 30 January 1917;
Message from Major General Harington to 2nd ANZAC, 31 January 1917;
Intelligence report on the possibility of an offensive against the Ypres Salient, by Brigadier General Charteris, 31 January 1917;
Message from Major General Harington to 2nd ANZAC, 31 January 1917;
Intelligence report on the possibility of an offensive against the Ypres Salient, by Brigadier General Charteris, 31 January 1917;
General Staff Circular No. 31A, 31 January 1917;
S.M.E. Fortification Circular No. 18, contains diagrams on the strong points of trenches and the areas best suited to establish machine gun positions, February 1917;
Preliminary instructions for Minor Enterprises to be carried out by 10th Infantry Brigade, February 1917 [Draft];
Intelligence report for the 3rd Australian Division, 1 February 1917;
List of Commanders of the British Army in France, 1 February 1917;
General Staff Circular No. 32A, 2 February 1917;
List for Divisional Machine Gun Company, 3 February 1917;
Notes from 'Today's Lecture', 5 February 1917;
Note addressed to 'G.O.C', 5 February 1917;
Message to Monash from HQ 2nd Army, 6 February 1917;
Notes for army commanders, 5 February 1917;
Blank pro forma on returns showing distribution of personnel, 7 February 1917;
Report on Second Army by Lieutenant General Kiggell, 7 February 1917;
Correspondence from Major Knowles, Captain Prideaux and Monash, 7 February 1917 [Copy];
Blank slip for identification of pay book, 10 February 1917.