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Capture of German New Guinea

In 1914 Australia responded quickly to remove the German threat from the Pacific. A mixed military force, called the Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force, was raised and sent to seize German New Guinea. Units of the Royal Australian Navy escorted the force.

On 11 September it landed at Rabaul, the capital of German New Guinea. The small garrison resisted briefly, and six Australians were killed. On 17 September a surrender was signed. The Australian Military Administration of New Guinea continued until 1921, when Australia received a mandate from the League of Nations to govern the country.

call.jpgThe call
From The Bulletin 11 November 1915, pg 13. Collection of the Australian War Memorial.

P1725.001Major Friedrich Wilhelm von Ploennies, German consul in Queensland before the First World War.

German Pith HelmetPith helmet belonging to Major Von Ploennies. Read about the conservation of this helmet.