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Victory for the Navy

On November 1914 the cruiser HMAS Sydney engaged and destroyed the German raider SMS Emden in an action off Cocos Island in the Indian Ocean. Only one year after the main units of the Royal Australian Navy had first assembled in Sydney Harbour one of them had delivered an important victory. Other ships protected ports and coastlines, kept trade routes open, escorted troops and engaged the German Navy.

bluegum.jpgBilly Blue-Gum takes to the Gun-Tree
From The Bulletin 19 August 1915, pg 1. Collection of the Australian War Memorial.

REL 07779Encounter with the Emden.
This cup and saucer, made for the home market, celebrate the victory of the HMAS Sydney over the SMS Emden off the Cocos Islands on 9 November 1914. Four crew from Sydney, and 134 from Emden, were killed in that action. AWM REL 07779