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Weaponry and communications

Bofors gun

Firing 40 mm calibre ammunition, the Swedish-designed Bofors gun was a fully automatic cannon intended primarily for use against aircraft. It was first fitted to Australian ships during the Second World War, quickly becoming standard for most ships. Some ships of the RAN are still fitted with Bofors guns. In the Korean War, there was little call for the use of the Bofors, but with a range of over two kilometres it could also be used in shore bombardments. During her time as part of the Han River blockade, HMAS Murchison engaged enemy positions ashore on several occasions with her Bofors guns.

AWM 305197
A test firing of Bofors guns aboard HMAS Sydney in Korean waters. 305197

AWM 044747Two Bofors gunners aboard HMAS Murchison, Fork Anchorage, Korea 1951. 044747

Weaponry & Communications

United Nations Forces

Chinese/North Korean