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Australian War Memorial - Indexed list of agency files (Harradine Lists) 2017-1 (1/1 to 30/6/17)  (887Kb PDF file)

Australian War Memorial - Indexed list of agency files (Harradine Lists) 2017-2 (1/7 to 31/12/17) (404Kb PDF file)

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1. All documents and records, including extracts from Australia’s Official War Records and History, concerning the so-called Charge of the Australian 4th Light Horse Brigade in Palestine in October 1917 that took place in and around the town of Beersheba, including details of the Australian (and British and other friendly) servicemen, local Arabs and Turkish (or other enemy) soldiers or troops involved in the lead-up to, during and after that charge.

2. All documents concerning Australia’s official participation a few years ago, in connection with the above-mentioned Charge of the Australian Light Horse, in the issuing of commemorative postage stamps in both Australia and Israel, and the erection on 28 April 2008 of a monument commemorating the event, placed at or near Beersheba and funded by one of Australia’s Jewish billionaires, the businessman Mr Richard Pratt, through the Pratt Foundation. The monument was opened by Australia’s then Governor-General Michael Jeffrey and Israel’s then President, Shimon Peres.

3. All documents related to the rationale for, content of, planning for and the expected implementation of and Australian participation in the event described in the following extract from the speech of 22 February 2017 by the Australian Prime Minister in his welcome of the Prime Minister of Israel Mr Benjamin Netanyahu to Australia, namely the commemoration in October 2017, in Australia and in Israel, of the charge of the Australian 4th Light Horse Brigade which captured the town of Beersheba, in Ottoman occupied Palestine, in October 1917 during the first world war. In that speech, Mr Turnbull said, inter alia:

“It is almost 100 years since the charge of the Australian 4th Light Horse Brigade captured the town of Beersheba from the Ottoman Turks in the fading daylight of the 31st of October 1917.

This year, in October, we will be commemorating that event, coinciding with the 100-year anniversary, in recognition of its role as one of the foundations of our relationship.”

This request is also for briefings and advice provided by the Australian War Memorial on the justification for this commemoration involving the Government and State of Israel, since it commemorates events that preceded the establishment of the State of Israel by more than thirty years and relates to an Australian victory over (Ottoman) Turkey, for which the real commemoration (if one is to take place) should, it appears, be akin to those held these days between (Anzac) Australia and (Ataturk) Turkey each year at Gallipoli.