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The Memorial boasts a staff of subject specialists in all aspects of military history and museum practice.

Our Blogs, Articles and our Encyclopedia allow our historians, curators, librarians and exhibition team to share their knowledge and information on Australian military history, the Memorial's vast collection, recent acquisitions, exhibitions and events.

Latest Blogs

  1. Remembering 1942: The Fall of Singapore

    15 February 2002

    Originally presented by Dr Chris Coulthard-Clark from the Memorial's Military History Section, on Friday 15 February 2002 beside the Roll of Honour at the Memorial, as part of the Roll of Honour Talks series.

  2. Remembering 1942: The defence of the 'Malay barrier'

    26 January 2002

    We stand here by the Roll of Honour to remember those who died in the defence of New Britain and Ambon and in the aftermath of those defeats. We do so not with any sense of embarrassment but with a profound sympathy for those who suffered and died during the darkest days of the Second World War in south-east Asia.

  3. AWM 60th Anniversary

    11 November 2001

    The Memorial's Principal Historian, Dr Peter Stanley presented, "The Memorial and its People", on Sunday, 11 November 2001 as part of the Memorial's 60th anniversary celebrations.

  4. Conservation of the 49th Battalion Regimental Colours

    31 July 2001

    Learn about the repairing and conserving of the 49th Battalion Regimental colours

  5. Conservation of an Imperial German Pith Helmet

    31 July 2001

    Learn more about the conservation and repair of a damaged 1890's German Pith helmet

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