Arabic signboard : Iraqi minelayer 'Jumariya'

Accession Number REL31441
Collection type Heraldry
Object type Heraldry
Physical description Cardboard, Paint, Plywood
Location Main Bld: Peacekeeping & Recent Conflicts Gallery
Maker Unknown
Place made Iraq
Date made c 2000s
Conflict Iraq, 2003-2013

Arabic signboard taken from the Iraqi minelayer 'Jumariya'. The sign, which reads 'This is the place (or home) of Mohammed Qaasum Hammadii', is made from a pale grey/green cardboard stencil which has been glued to a piece of yellow painted plywood. There are patches of blue paint on the cardboard where the stencil has been used to apply the words to another surface. On the reverse of the board are smears and splashes of yellow paint, and a number of Arabic words outlined in pencil. One of these outlines has been filled in with black paint.

History / Summary

Arabic signboard taken from the Iraqi minelaying tug 'Jumariya' (also known as 'Jamahoria'). This tug was intercepted by a boarding party from HMAS Kanimbla, and was found to be towing a barge loaded with 20 Manta and 48 LUGM sea mines. It is not known what position Mohammed Qaasum Hammadii held aboard the vessel.