Tube of toothpaste: Iraqi minelayer 'Jumariya'

Accession Number REL31442
Collection type Heraldry
Object type Personal Equipment
Physical description Aluminium, Chemicals, Plastic
Maker Szmeheco Toothpaste Co
Place made China
Date made c 2000s
Conflict Iraq, 2003-2013

Tube of 'Sign' brand toothpaste used by a crew member of the Iraqi minelayer 'Jumariya'. The tube is made of white painted aluminium, printed in red and blue, with a white plastic screw cap. The words 'Sign Maximum fluoride protection' are printed in blue on one side, while the same words appear in Arabic on the other. Other text on the tube reads 'MADE IN CHINA SZMEHCO TOOTHPASTE CO EXPIRY DATE 2 YEARS NET WT 50g'. There is an illustration on each side of the tube of a tooth containing the word 'CALCIUM'.

History / Summary

Tube of toothpaste taken from the Iraqi minelaying tug 'Jumariya' (also known as 'Jamahoria'). This tug was intercepted by a boarding party from HMAS Kanimbla, and was found to be towing a barge loaded with 20 Manta and 48 LUGM sea mines.