Stella Bowen: La terrasse

La terrasse

La terrasse
painted in Cap Brun, France, c. 1931
oil on canvas 74.5 x 54.5 cm
not signed, not dated
National Gallery of Australia

In 1930 Ford Madox Ford and his new companion, the painter Janice Biala, spent the summer at Villa Paul, near Toulon. Once Ford and Biala left, Stella Bowen and Julia took the house for the winter:

Ford had, of course, acquired a home that was picturesque but entirely without amenities . . . Before the house was a wide terrasse whose comfortable balustrade served as a sideboard for outdoor meals. There was a shady tree and a fountain with goldfish and a great view right across the harbour to Saint Mandrier. It was indeed a most delectable spot. But whereas Ford and Janice had been living entirely in the garden, when we arrived in October the weather broke, and we had to live indoors.



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