• Gas mask for a German Army messenger dog. RELAWM04098 Gas mask for a German Army messenger dog. RELAWM04098

    Suitable for primary and secondary school students. This program is adapted to suit students at different age and aptitude levels.


    What do false teeth, mosquitoes and woolly jumpers have in common?

    They are all objects you will find in the galleries at the Australian War Memorial. Prepare to be surprised and amazed at the stories behind some of the more unusual and obscure items in our collection. Discover why they are here, and what they have to tell us about the nature of Australians, both on the battlefield and on the home front during wartime.


    • The purpose, nature, and history of our National Collection, and how it helps us remember Australians who served and/or died.
    • Exploring multiple collection items and their associated stories which are in some way obscure, unusual or remarkable.
    • Developing empathetic understanding of the circumstances and challenges faced by Australians during wartime.
    • Examining characteristics of wartime Australians (e.g. resourcefulness, ingenuity, audacity, and sense of humour).

    Strategic focus

    This program uses enquiry method to help students to analyse and understand the exhibits.

    Curriculum links

    This program sits across curriculum in all years. It covers various areas of knowledge and understanding, from the concrete in the early years to the more conceptual and abstract for older students. It also meets the skills requirements of historical questioning, analysis of sources and identifying perspectives and interpretation.

    Some specific examples:
    How the stories of families and the past can be communicated, for example through photographs, artefacts, books, oral histories, digital media, and museums. (Foundation)
    Differences and similarities between students' daily lives and life during their parents’ and grandparents’ childhoods, including family traditions, leisure time and communications. (Year 1)
    The impact of changing technology on people’s lives (at home and in the ways they worked, travelled, communicated, and played in the past) (Year 2)
    The methods and sources used to investigate at least ONE historical controversy or mystery that has challenged historians or archaeologists, such as in the analysis of unidentified human remains (Year 7)
    The experiences of Australians during World War II (such as Prisoners of War (POWs), the Battle of Britain, Kokoda, the Fall of Singapore) (Year 10)


    Price $5.50 per student (incl. GST)
    Duration 45 minutes
    Maximum number 60 students per hour
    Group size 15
    Available 9 am – 3.30 pm

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