Soldier's slang glossary

A list of slang terms used in Bert's letter to help you understand what he means.


Abdul name for a Turkish soldier
Anzac soup shell-hole polluted by a corpse
auntie a Turkish broomstick bomb
Aussy Australia; an Australian soldier; a wound bad enough to get a soldier back to Australia
axle grease butter
babbling brook an army cook
base wallah someone employed behind the front line
Beachy Bill a Turkish artillery piece which shelled the beach at Anzac
brass hats senior officers
Bully (beef) salted canned beef
Bumbrusher an officer's servant
chat-bags underclothes
coffin nail cigarette
cricket ball a Turkish grenade made of iron, the size and shape of a cricket ball, with a burning fuse. If possible, catch and throw back. (Compare this with a jam tin bomb.)
dial face
furphy a rumour
peninsh peninsula (Gallipoli)
short arm inspection medical examination of the penis to check for conditions such as STDs
stoush fight
swing the banjo shovel dirt
tourist Australian soldiers (1st Division), often known as "six bob a day tourists"
winze an underground connection between two trenches

Soldier's slang