Case studies

  1. Oliver “Trooper Bluegum” Hogue

    A city-born horseman with a love for the bush, Hogue served with the Light Horse and developed a reputation as a kind and loyal officer.

  2. Thomas Anderson Whyte

    Whyte was a skilled rower - and put his talents to use for the most dangerous job of all during the Anzac landings.

  3. Albert Jacka

    Albert Jacka had an incredible military career, but became famous for actions that saw him awarded Australia’s first Victoria Cross of the war.

  4. William Scurry

    The curious device Scurry invented on Gallipoli may have saved many Australian lives - and in recognition he received a Distinguished Conduct Medal.

  5. Henry Herbert Bartrop

    One of six children from a Balmain, NSW family, Bartrop was reported missing after the fighting at Lone Pine. He has no known grave.

  6. Andrew and James Yeates

    51 year-old Andrew Yeates enlisted after lying about his age, followed by his 21 year-old son James. Only one would make it home.