Australians in France: 1918 - Friends and Foe - Australian soliders' relations with the Canadians

Often referred to by Australian soldiers as "cousins", the Australian and Canadian troops during the war enjoyed an harmonious and successful relationship. In 1918, they worked together particularly well during the Battle of Amiens, in August, where the co-operation of Australian and Canadian Corps was described as "superb".

Australian Commanders, such as Lieutenant General John Monash demonstrated a great respect for the Canadian Corps in battle. C.E.W. Bean, the Australian Official World War One Historian, tells the following story: In discussing a campaign in mid-1918, Monash reportedly stated to General Sir Henry Rawlinson that he would need more support if Australian troops were to mount a successful offensive in August. General Rawlinson suggested several corps for this purpose but Monash shook his head until the army commander mentioned "The Canadians."

Even after the war, along with other Allied soldiers, Australians and Canadians continued to serve together in the force that was sent into Northern Russia at the end of 1918- 1919.


Australian, British and Canadian soldiers together at the YMCA Parliament Square Kiosk, London, 1918.  AWMH01225


German Army Artillery captured by Australian and Canadian troops, Somme Area, 1918. AWMH07617


Some members of the "Elope" Force sent into Northern Russia, including Australian and Canadian servicemen. AWMA00251