Allies in adversity, Australia and the Dutch in the Pacific War: Jan van Os


Jan van Os

Leading Seaman Jan Sigvard van Os served as a crew member on RNN flying boats and small craft prior to the war, and in March 1942 was selected for evacuation to Australia with many other RNN personnel. Unfortunately, the KPM steamer Duymaer Van Twist, on which they were being transported, was intercepted by Japanese cruisers two days out of Tjilatjap, and all aboard became prisoners. For the next three and a half years, van Os was held at the Macassar Camp, in the Celebes. Following his release, he settled in Australia, where he married and raised a family.

Portrait of Leading Seaman Jan Sigvard van Os A hand coloured portrait of Leading Seaman Jan van Os taken before the war. P05029.001

Embroidery with flagsThis embroidery, made by Jan van Os, commemorates his captivity at Macassar, in the Celebes , and portrays the flags of the nations whose men were held captive there. REL34275