Out in the Cold: Australia's involvement in the Korean War

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Glossary, Statistics & Bibliography


This is a list of terms associated with the Korean War.

ANZAC - "Australian and New Zealand Army Corps" This name was first used in Gallipoli in 1915, but eventually came to be used as slang to describe any Australian or New Zealand soldier - the "Anzac" soldiers. Today in Australia and New Zealand "Anzac Day" is celebrated every year on 25 April, to honour men and women who have served in all wars, and commemorate those who died while in service.

BCOF - British Commonwealth Occupying Force (Japan)

CO - Commanding Officer

HOOCHIE - Makeshift tent

LT COL - Lieutenant Colonel

MC - Military Cross

MM - Military Medal

NCO - Non-commissioned officer

POW - Prisoner of war

PTE - Private

UN - United Nations

UNCOK - United Nations Committee on Korea

UNCURK - United Nations Committee for the Unification and Rehabilitation of Korea

UNTCOK - United Nations Temporary Committee on Korea

1 RAR - 1st Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment

2 RAR - 2nd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment

3 RAR - 3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment

RAF - Royal Air Force (Britain)

RAAF - Royal Australian Air Force

RAN - Royal Australian Navy

SGT - Sergeant

SORTIE - A single operational flight


Statistics relating to Australia's involvement in the Korean War.

  Royal Australian Navy Australian Army Royal Australian Air Force All services
Numbers enlisted/engaged 4,507 10,657 2,000 (approx.) 17,164
Killed (including died of wounds) 2 276 28 (a) 306
Died while a prisoner of war - 1 - 1
Accidental and other deaths 3 16 13 (b) 32
Total deaths 5 293 41 339
Wounded 6 1210 (c) (d) 1216-
Prisoners of war - 23 6 29 (e)
Total casualties 11 1526 47 1584
  1. Flying-battle casualties.
  2. Nine flying-accident casualties; three ground-accident casualties; one died of illness.
  3. Includes thirty-six wounded.
  4. No information on RAAF wounded available.
  5. Includes twenty-one prisoners of war repatriated after the armistice (27 July 1953) and one who died while a prisoner of war.


The following is alist of sources used in the development of this online exhibition. All are available at the Australian War Memorial's Research Centre. Further details for most can be found in our collection databases.

Official Records:

AWM 85 2/17: 1 RAR, December 1952.

AWM 85 2/19: 1 RAR, February 1953.

AWM 85 3/3 (part 3): 2 RAR, May 1953.

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AWM 114 665/7/5: 77 Squadron in Korea RAAF: Men Adopt Korean Waifs.

AWM 114 665/7/6: Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation to 77 Squadron, RAAF.

AWM 114 665/7/10: The RAN in the Korean War

Private Records:

3DRL 7683, PR 00497, PR 89/110 Papers of Cpl. Ronald Cashman

PR00466 Papers of Mrs Olwyn Green

PR85/119 Papers of Lt. Dacre Smyth

Memoir, Private M. C. "Snow" Dicker, uncatalogued

MSS 1157: Skane Kelly, The Korean War Homefront 1950-51.

3DRL 3351, PR 82/125 Papers of Captain Bryan Gandevia

MSS 1453: 'Interlude', 'Dog Outpost', 'From the Rubble', by D.M. Guilfoyle

PR00186 Papers of Petty Officer Andrew Nation, HMAS Sydney

PR 83/183: Papers of Mrs June White

PR 85/175: Papers of Squadron Leader R. D. Guthrie

PR85/269 Papers of Private Harry Kammerman

MSS0691 Papers of Squadron Leader Esmond New

PR 86/095: Papers of Air Vice Marshal H. A. Hughes.

PR 89/28: Papers of Mrs Nell Honeysett

PR 89/55: Papers of Lt. Col. B.S. O'Dowd

PR 91/163, Papers of Pte Cecil Fisher


10/1/1 (1 of 2): Australian Leaflets, Armed Forces Recruitment with Reference to Korea.

10/1/1 (2 of 2): Australian Leaflets, Armed Forces Recruitment with Reference to Korea.

10/1/2: Australian Leaflets, Armed Forces Reserve Recruitment with Reference to Korea.

10/1/3: Australian Leaflets, Recruitment for Korea Force.

10/2/2: UN Forces Leaflets, Psychological Warfare.

10/3/1: Communist Leaflets, Psychological Warfare.

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