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Specialists and Support

As in other military operations, peacekeeping forces require a range of skills to function effectively. Australian peacekeepers have included doctors, engineers and signallers. Both the RAN and the RAAF have assisted operations by providing transport.

In addition, the very tasks which an operation is called on to undertake may require specialist skills. Engineers may train local people in de-mining operations. Medical personnel may treat a local population suffering the effects of war. Civilians also have a part to play: police may help re-establish local policing and systems of justice, while electoral officials help ensure free and fair elections.

All contribute to the complex task of helping shattered societies rebuild.

AWM P01735.106Crew of HMAS Tobruk unloading supplies, Somalia, 1913 (photo by George Gittoes). P01735.106

AWM BRIA/91/0383/04Western Sahara, 1991 BRIA/91/0383/04