Wartime Issue 11

Winter 2000

Bradbury Aircraft Hall re-opens

  • Reflections by Steve Gower.  
    The Director of the Australian War Memorial discusses whats happening at the Memorial
  • Bradbury Aircraft Hall Air power in the Pacific 1941 - 53           
    A bold new exhibition opens at the Memorial
  • HMAS Sydney and Sea Fury operations in the Korean War by Benjamin Evans.  
    Australias only carrier-based combat operations
  • Leslie Knox: Australian pilot at Coral Sea by David Crotty.  
    Why the US Navy honoured a Brisbane-born pilot
  • One Wirraways war by David Crotty.  
    Life and times of an extraordinary aircraft
  • The RAAFs 80% loss raid Kema, 12 January 1942 by Murray Moore.  
    Hudson bombers no match for Zeros
  • Bomber crash by Kelly Squires.  
    Fiery inspiration
  • Colour patches of the Australian Army by David Chinn.  
    Valued more than any decoration
  • The slopes first rushed: North Beach, Gallipoli, 25 April 1915 by Richard Reid.  
    The birth of ANZAC
  • Such is glory ...: the 7th Battalion at Lone Pine by Ross McMullin.  
    Four VCs in one battle but at what cost?
  • Bomba Tepe, 29 August,1915 by Brad Manera.  
    Explosive conflict in Australias last great offensive on Gallipoli
  • A calligraphers Gallipoli
  • Training for Operation Bel Isi, Bougainville by Bob Breen.  
    Building cultural bridges
  • Experiences of a monitor on Bougainville, 1998 by Lloyd Broderick.  
    Walking the hills for peace
  • Experiences of a monitor on Bougainville, 2000 by Poppy Wenham.  
    An end to past conflict, rebuilding for the future
  • Obituary - Vivian Bullwinkel by Madeleine Chaleyer.  
    Tribute to Australias best-known nurse
  • Plus regular features, including Reflections, Mail Call, and book reviews.

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