Wartime Issue 13

Summer 2001

WILD EYE: the souvenir king

  • Reflections by Steve Gower.  
    The Director of the Australian War Memorial discusses what's happening at the Memorial
  • Napoleon is coming by Greg Powell.  
    Military re-enactments
  • Loyalty and courage at Bardia by Julie Padanyi-Ryan.  
    Libya, 1940
  • Wild Eye, the Souvenir King by Peter Stanley.  
    'Barney' Hines
  • The 'prettiest' bit of fighting by Craig Wilcox.  
    A skirmish in the Boer War
  • No getting away by Mal Lancaster and Phil Smith.  
    Disaster at sea
  • Jungle patrol by Albert Palazzo.  
    Battle for Salamaua
  • Kapooka kids by Roger Marchant.  
    The ideal tour
  • Winning the Queen's Scarf by Les Hetherington.  
    A special award for valor
  • Sandakan's sole survivor by Owen Campbell.  
    Eyewitness account
  • Life Preservers by Peter Aitken and David Pearson.  
    Trench clubs on the Western Front
  • Obituary - Betty Jeffrey by Madeleine Chaleyer
  • Plus regular features, including Reflections, Mail Call, and book reviews.

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