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    Reflections Steve Gower
    The Director of the Australian War Memorial discusses what's happening at the Memorial

    Napoleon is coming Greg Powell
    Military re-enactments

    Loyalty and courage at Bardia Julie Padanyi-Ryan
    Libya, 1940

    Wild Eye, the Souvenir King Peter Stanley
    'Barney' Hines

    The 'prettiest' bit of fighting Craig Wilcox
    A skirmish in the Boer War

    No getting away Mal Lancaster and Phil Smith
    Disaster at sea

    Jungle patrol Albert Palazzo
    Battle for Salamaua

    Kapooka kids Roger Marchant
    The ideal tour

    Winning the Queen's Scarf Les Hetherington
    A special award for valor

    Sandakan's sole survivor Owen Campbell
    Eyewitness account

    Life Preservers Peter Aitken and David Pearson
    Trench clubs on the Western Front

    Australian War Memorial news

    Reviews - Cockatoo Island by John Jeremy, They passed this way by Barry Ralph, For hearths and homes by Craig Wilcox and The odd couple by Jack Galloway

    Obituary - Betty Jeffrey Madeleine Chaleyer