Wartime Issue 16

Spring 2001

Peace Keepers

  • Reflections by Steve Gower.  
    The Director of the Australian War Memorial's comment
  • Patriotic diva by Julie Padanyi-Ryan.  
    Dame Nellie Melba's fundraising efforts
  • 60th anniversary of the Australian War Memorial            
    Pictorial essay
  • The loss of the AE1 by Ben Evans.  
    Probing the mystery surrounding Australia's first submarine
  • Raid on Gaba Tepe by James Hurst.  
    Attacking a Gallipoli stronghold
  • The crack shot of the ANZACs by Robert Courtney.  
    Snipers on Gallipoli
  • In the footsteps of the ANZACs by Steve Parsons.  
    A journalist and his son travel to Gallipoli
  • The Fenian escape by Brad Manera.  
    Irish convicts escape in the US whaler Catalpa
  • The sinking of HMAS Sydney           
    Three experts comment on the ongoing controversy
  • Faces of Australian peacekeeping by Peter Londey.  
    A new AWM travelling exhibition
  • Toby's brief war by Chris Coulthard-Clark.  
    In search of the story of a soldier killed in Korea
  • Painting the war by Chris Coulthard-Clark & Jacqueline Strecker.  
    War art from the Canadian War Museum and the Australian War Memorial
  • Ordeal at Porton by Donald Lawie.  
    Australians on Bougainville in 1945
  • Still missing by Jacki Reeson.  
    Rabaul, 1942
  • Operation Manna by Dianne Rutherford.  
    Bomber commands drops food to the Dutch
  • Interceptor swan song by Ben Evans.  
    Meteors and MiGs in air combat over North Korea
  • Tank action in Vietnam by Mike Cecil.  
    The Memorial's Centurion tank in Vietnam
  • Defending Crete by Ric Pelvin.  
    Naval action in 1941
  • Plus regular features, including book reviews, letters and Memorial news.

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