From the Director
A message from the director of the Australian War Memorial

AWM guide
Finding your way around the Australian War Memorial

The sinking of the Bartolomeo Colleoni
HMAS Sydney in action off the coast of Crete

The unbelievable truth
The "Red Baron" controversy

The life and death of John Hay
An Australian flyer who fell victim to the "Red Baron"

Ancestors, guardians, guides
Bryan Westwood's ANZAC portraits

The "shoot and scoot brigade"
Australian light trench mortar batteries, 1916-18

Curtin and McArthur at war
How Australia lost control of the war effort to an American General

A strange encounter at Owers' Corner
This painting of generals Allen and MacArthur is full of ambiguities

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Education section
On the experience of Australian children during wartime

The battle of Villers-Bretonneux
One of the most notable feats of arms in Australia's military history

In defence of military incompetence
Its place in history

Caught in action
Denis Gibbons' Vietnam war photos

A booby trap cartridge
Mystery cartridge identified as a "booby trap" component

Book reviews

AWM news

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