Wartime Issue 20

Spring 2002

Tet Turning Point

  • Reflections by Steve Gower
  • Moment of sacrifice by Chris Davidson
    A dramatic second in the exploits of Bomber Command is frozen on film.
  • Tet turning point by Chris Coulthard-Clark
    One event broke the military deadlock and changed the Vietnam War.
  • Myths of the Vietnam War by Lex McAulay
    There are many stories but they are not all true.
  • Kokoda heroes by David Horner
    The Japanese threat to Australia was exposed in the jungles of Papua.
  • Kokoda: a forgotten tragedy by Steve Bullard
    The attackers faced unexpected problems along the Kokoda Trail.
  • Roff’s war by Chris Goddard
    The Australians were surprised when they captured a wayward German messenger in 1918.
  • When art became a weapon by Ann Elias
    Australian camouflage techniques in the South-West Pacific in 1943 became text-book achievements.
  • Hero four times over by Graeme Beveridge
    A humble stretcher-bearer with the AIF became a hero four times over.
  • The loss of HMAS Yarra by Daniel Oakman
    The attack of a small convoy in March 1942 produced one of the bravest acts in our military history.
  • A ‘damnable struggle’ for hope by Nola Anderson
    Ray Parkin battled the odds to record some of the finer aspects of the Burma– Thailand Railway.
  • How Grady cleared the gun by David Pearson
    One man’s bravery during the Crimean War.
  • Australia’s ‘urgent imperial service’ by Daniel Oakman
    The AN&MEF in the Great War.
  • Were they the first? by Robin Pennock
    The war arrived in South Australia when mine clearance men were killed in 1941.
  • Australians in the Berlin Airlift by Chris Coulthard-Clark
    The RAF was short of experienced aircrew for a mammoth air airlift and welcomed an offer of help.
  • War brides break barriers by Keiko Tamura
    After 50 years, a loyal group of women have established new bonds.
  • Art and war in Japan by Charlotte Sarossy
    A 17-year-old artist’s view of Pearl Harbor.
  • One man’s war in New Guinea by Josh Brown
    Prize-winning essay.
  • Eyewitness
    An air gunner’s letter to his father.
  • Despatches
    Newsletter of the Australian War Memorial ANZAC Foundation
  • Plus regular features, including book reviews, letters and Memorial news.

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