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    Reflections Steve Gower
    The Director of the Australian War Memorial's comment


    Mail Call

    The ‘other man’ Anthony Staunton
    Mystery surrounds the award of two Victoria Crosses during the First World War.

    Reflections on bloody Papua battle Compiled by Ian Hodges and Daniel Oakman
    Photo-essay on the 60th anniversary of the crucial Buna, Gona and Sanananda campaigns.

    Missionary victims in Papua Tony Matthews
    The brutal death of two women missionaries in 1942.

    Australia’s Boer War Craig Wilcox
    Extracts from an important new book: On the veld; and The killing of Jan Dolley.

    The birth of regiments: Sudan 1885 Ken Wright
    Colonial allegiance to the empire led to the first contingent of soldiers leaving Australian shores to defend British interests.

    The battle of Magdhaba Ian Hodges
    A courageous ANZAC mounted unit won a decisive battle and signalled the end of desert fighting.

    Images from the war against terrorism Claire Baddeley
    Official artist Peter Churcher’s compelling on-the-spot images make an outstanding contribution to the Memorial’s collection.

    Death due to friendly fire Ashley Ekins
    The life and death of WO2 Jack Kirby.

    Minelaying in Cats David Vincent
    Ungainly Catalina flying boats and amphibians that were widely used during the Second World War served Australia well.

    Cats on the Swan Brad Manera

    Dear Miss Chomley Nola Anderson
    Two First World War prisoner-of-war stories.

    Bismarck Sea Robert Nichols
    US and Australian air power destroys an entire convoy.

    To the bitter end Damien Fenton
    HMAS Australia’s introduction to combat – against the French in 1940.

    ‘Our little Imbros cottage’ Peter Stanley
    Charles Bean’s cottage on the island of Imbros still survives.

    Eyewitness: Sergeant D. R. Baker
    A digger’s letter describing the landing at ANZAC Cove.

    Murder at Sutton Veny Peter Burness
    An Australian executed for murder during the First World War.

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