Wartime Issue 22

Autumn 2003

War Without Boundaries: the Battle Against Terrorism

  • Reflections by Steve Gower.  
    The Director of the Australian War Memorial's comment
  • War without boundaries by Peter Londey.  
    As the world changes and becomes even more dangerous, Australians have been fighting in a new kind of war.
  • The Hook by Brad Manera.  
    Fifty years ago the last Australian action of the Korean War was fought.
  • Pozières hell by Peter Burness.  
    The tragic story of Captain David Twining.
  • ANZAC Day VC at Villers-Bretonneux by Brad Manera.  
    Two awards for bravery in a courageous counter-attack on 25 April 1918.
  • Bare Back by Mike Cecil.  
    An old warhorse finds a home at the Memorial.
  • Death in the minefield by Ashley Ekins.  
    Australia’s biggest blunder of the Vietnam War, the “barrier minefield”, resulted in distressing casualties.
  • FSB role in ‘mini-Tet’ by Chris Clark.  
    The largest regimental-scale action involving Australians since the Second World War was staged in May 1968.
  • A born horseman by Humphrey McQueen.  
    Tom Roberts’s portrait of Sergeant Fraser of the NSW Mounted Rifles.
  • At the tip of the javelin by Ian Hodges.  
    Only the best were hand-picked for the Dam Busters aircrew and among them were several Australians.
  • Geoffrey Mainwaring – war artist by Lee Kinsella.  
    One of Australia’s most prolific official war artists of the Second World War.
  • The long tow home by Richard Pelvin.  
    HMAS Vendetta’s return to Australia after the fall of Singapore.
  • Arnall’s folly by Chris Clark.  
    After an ill-fated bayonet charge, Australians resorted to subterranean warfare at Gallipoli.
  • The first shot by Colin Jones.  
    Australia’s first shot of the Great War was fired against a German ship in Port Philip bay.
  • The missing bodies by Tom Lewis.  
    Wild claims of thousands killed during the first Japanese raids on Darwin debunked.
  • Silt Spur – anatomy of a demonstration by James Hurst.  
    Action on Gallipoli.
  • Eyewitness: HMAS Australia to the rescue by Mackenzie Gregory.  
    An Australian sailor recalls the rescue of a downed Sunderland flying boat in the North Atlantic.
  • Despatches
    Newsletter of the Australian War Memorial ANZAC Foundation
  • Plus regular features, including book reviews, letters and Memorial news.

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