Wartime Issue 25

Summer 2004

Battle of Berlin

  • Reflections by Steve Gower.  
    The Director of the Australian War Memorial's comment
  • Mine menace by Elizabeth Stewart.  
    Despite losing limbs and eyesight, two Vietnam veterans became an inspiration to others.
  • The unknown Australian soldier by Ashley Ekins.  
    One man we will never know represents the sacrifice of 102,000 Australians.
  • Women in wartime by Anne-Marie Condé.  
    A pictorial essay.
  • Brothers courageous by Sandy Clugston.  
    Following personal tragedy, the orphaned Parsons boys went on to give distinguished military service.
  • The battle of Berlin by Daniel Oakman.  
    Bomber Command had long awaited the plan to attack the ‘Big City’ and when the time came there were many surprises.
  • One Big Unit by Peter Stanley.  
    The mixed crews in Bomber Command did not diminish national loyalties.
  • The protectors by Richard Pelvin.  
    Eight RAN corvettes played an important part in the invasion of Sicily.
  • Sympathetic censor by Tony Cunneen.  
    Austin Fenton was an unusual watchdog. He helped correspondents get the story. 
  • The war in Iraq by Joanne Smedley and Claire Baddeley.  
    Official artist Lewis Miller and official photographer David Dare Parker record the Australian contribution to the Second Gulf War.
  • Valour in the Markham Valley by Brad Manera.  
    Private Richard Kelliher, court-martialled for cowardice, went on to win a VC.
  • Forgotten hero by Max Chamberlain.  
    Walter David (“Karri”) Davies was a humble soldier whose satisfaction was serving the empire.
  • The two Harry Freames by Chris Clark.  
    A remarkable father and son each served in a world war, and each suffered an unusual fate.
  • First ANZAC heroes by Barry Clissold.  
    The men awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal on Gallipoli set a high standard of courage for a young nation in its first major engagement.
  • Bean’s history by Peter Stanley.  
    The Australian official history of the First World War is now available on the internet.
  • Eyewitness     
    Harry Wright’s letter from Gallipoli.
  • Plus regular features, including book reviews, letters and Memorial news.

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