Wartime Issue 27

Winter 2004

The Western Front

  • Reflections by Steve Gower.  
    The Director of the Australian War Memorial's comment
  • Cowra breakout by Anne-Marie Condé.  
    60th anniversary of the only mass breakout of prisoners in the history of the British empire.
  • Two soldiers and a Vickers gun by Brad Manera.  
    Two George Cross winners who died during the breakout.
  • Australian officers in Normandy by John Jackson.  
    A small group of Australian officers went to observe the D-Day landings.
  • The butcher of Fromelles by Ross McMullin.  
    Blustering incompetence was no barrier to promotion for one British commander.
  • On the Western Front by Peter Cochrane.  
    A photo essay.
  • Rebirth of a city damned by Carolyne Carter.  
    BCOF soldiers visit Hiroshima in 1947.
  • Mesopotamian Half Flight by Ian Hodges.  
    Australian airmen in what is now southern Iraq in 1915.
  • A chateau in France by Peter Burness.  
    Grand homes on the front line.
  • Yeramba by Steve Gower and Mike Cecil.  
    The story of Australia’s only self-propelled gun.
  • Tragedy at An Nhut by Elizabeth Stewart.  
    Three men killed by a mine in Vietnam.
  • A war artist before his war by Craig Wilcox.  
    Arthur Streeton in London looks forward to the war.
  • The greater ‘truth’ by Laura Back.  
    The art of commissioning sculpture.
  • First in action by Colin Jones.  
    Australia’s first warship in the Maori wars.
  • Observer at large by Peter Londey.  
    Keith Howard in UNTSO.
  • Reflections on Rwanda by Garth Pratten.  
    Veterans recall their service on the 10th anniversary of Australia’s mission to Rwanda.
  • Eyewitness  
    The path to Gallipoli.
  • Plus regular features, including book reviews, letters and Memorial news.

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