Wartime Issue 43

Winter 2008

HMAS SYDNEY: Gallant Fighter

  • Gallant Fighter by Karl James.  
    The loss of HMAS Sydney was Australia’s worst naval disaster and an enduring mystery of the Second World War. By Karl James
  • A gunner’s tale by Elizabeth Stewart.  
    The first attack on Fire Support Base Coral took place in Vietnam 40 years ago. 
  • Breaking the Hindenburg Line by Peter Burness.  
    The gruelling task of attacking the formidable German defences.
  • Diggers for a day by Meleah Ward.  
    In their baptism of fire on the Western Front, the Americans at Hamel earned the respect of the veteran Australians.
  • Like cats in the night by Michael Molkentin.  
    Aggressive patrolling by the Australians on the Western Front in 1918 created a decisive edge against the Germans.
  • A very smart piece of work by John White.  
    An Australian crew captured a German Halberstadt aircraft without firing a shot. 
  • Deserter or hero? by Reg A. Watson.  
    An Australian serving with New Zealand forces in the First World War was executed – but was his trial fair? 
  • Determined to serve by Lenore Heath.  
    A curator’s curiosity uncovers some surprising results. 
  • Needles and haystacks by Tom Lewis.  
    Why finding HMAS Sydney was so difficult. 
  • ‘A truce is not a peace’ by Nigel Steel.  
    Despite bringing an end to the fighting, the July 1953 armistice has still not delivered peace to Korea. 
  • Helping in their time of need by Steven Bullard.  
    Australia’s military forces have a proud tradition of providing humanitarian aid that spans nearly a century. 
  • Veterans at Bong Bong.  by Linda Emery.  
    Soldier-settlers who took up land along the Wingecarribee River had served in British regiments in many of the great battles of the Napoleonic Wars.
  • Grandfathers at war by Melanie Oppenheimer.  
    One family’s forebears had fought on opposite sides in the First World War.
  • To the bottom by Amanda Rebbeck.  
    The backbone of the Imperial German Navy sank in Scapa Flow on 21 June 1919. An Australian, Joseph Eric Hewitt, watched the ships go down. 
  • Icon or archive? by Shaune Lakin.  
    Some images capture our imaginations more than others. 
  • Plus regular features including Reflections, Mail Call and Book Reviews.

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