Wartime Issue 49

Summer 2010

Victory & Defeat: The Australian Experience

  • Victory and defeat:The Australian experience, 1939–41.  
    The Australian experience in the first years of the Second World War: on the ground, in the air and at sea, in victory and in defeat.
  • How Bardia was won by Craig Stockings.  
    The myths of Australian invincibility should give way to better-informed explanations.
  • "The kind eyelids of night hid my tears'.  
    A letter by Dr Tom Selby gives an insight into the human side of the Australian victory at Bardia.
  • Artist in the aftermath by Lola Wilkins.  
    Ivor Hele’s immense canvas provides a valuable record of the evacuation of Greece in 1941.
  • Heroes of Tobruk by Peter Burness.  
    The Australians demonstrated determination and courage at Tobruk and showed that aggressive patrolling was the best form of defence.
  • The first kill by Karl James.
    No. 10 Squadron, RAAF, was the first Australian unit to go to war in 1939 and quickly went into action, hunting German U-boats.
  • Recovering the past by John Perryman.  
    Finding lost wrecks is also a way of honouring those who served in them.
  • ‘Tell her the baker’s enlisted’ by Martin Hadlow.  
    From old recordings, members of the Second AIF recall their departure for the Middle East in 1940.
  • A tale of two weddings by Rebecca Britt.  
    Many couples decided to marry before the war could sweep them apart.
  • Here is their spirit.  
    An address given by General Peter Cosgrove AC MC (Ret’d) at the Australian War Memorial on Remembrance Day, 2009.
  • Doughboys and the breaking of the Hindenburg Line by Mitchell Yockelson.  
    The Americans may have been green, but they were splendid men.
  • Flying close to the sun by Ken Peacock.  
    Australian pilots in the North Africa campaign improvised and lived rough in desert conditions.
  • Plus regular features including Reflections, Mail Call and Book Reviews

WARTIME Issue 49 - 2009

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