Wartime Issue 50

Autumn 2010

Gallipoli - 50 years on

  • Turkish machine-guns at the landing. by Chris Roberts.  
    It has long been believed that Australian troops faced machine-guns at ANZAC Cove, but is it another myth?
  • Burning Bridges by Peter Pedersen.  
    Was the 1st Australian Division’s first commander a good general or a dud?
  • Hooky Walker the English general by Peter Burness.  
    The AIF needed senior British officers until Australians of suitable rank, training and experience became available.
  • The evacuation of ANZAC by Robyn Van Dyk.  
    After a disastrous campaign, a brilliant deception was carried off with great success.
  • Digging in and holding on by Patricia Sabine.  
    A newly created panorama, featured inside our cover, gives a remarkable view of Gallipoli.  
  • A real Bastard by Lachlan Coleman.  
    A man with an unfortunate name left a vivid account of Gallipoli.
  • The scourge of Bomber Command by Phillip Bradley.  
    An ace Nachtjäger pilot had extraordinary success against Allied bombers.
  • Nurses under fire by Elizabeth Stewart.  
    “It is Fritz’s fault. He will do these dastardly tricks.”
  • A Kittyhawk pilot in Italy by Andrew Arthy.  
    An Australian fighter bomber pilot flew 119 missions in the Mediterranean, including a raid on a German airfield in Italy.
  • Mud and dust by Mike Cecil.  
    The machinery of war is part of the human story.
  • With Collins in the Med by Tom Lewis.  
    How a talented officer led HMAS Sydney in a great battle.
  • Plus regular features including Reflections, Mail Call and Book Reviews

Cover of Wartime issue 50

Cover: An unidentified soldier of the 1st Division uses a periscope rifle, invented for use in the trenches of Gallipoli.AWM C03431