Wartime Issue 51

Winter 2010

Those Who Dared - An SAS Soldier's Account

  • Life on the ground in the ’Ghan by Sergeant R.  
    Physical hardships are just the beginning.
  • ‘There will be no live VCs in 8 Group' by Aaron Pegram.  
    Australian airmen in Path Finder Force were among Bomber Command’s finest.
  • The Emu: getting the bloody job done by Elizabeth Stewart.  
    Flying a helicopter in Vietnam was demanding and dangerous.
  • Jifjafa, a desert raid by Jean Bou.  
    For the light horse in 1916, long-range operations were the key to dominating the Sinai Desert.
  • Those ‘Army–Navy freaks’ by Karl James.  
    The RAN Beach Commandos were among the most highly trained Australian servicemen of the Second World War; they made order from confusion.
  • ‘To catch old Jerry eating his sauerkraut’ by Michael Molkentin.  
    Two huge raids on German aerodromes at Lille by the Australian Flying Corps marked the high point of Harry Cobby’s career.
  • Life below the waves by Gary Oakley.  
    The cramped world of a submarine places unique demands on its crew.
  • Fuel in their veins by Peter Burness.  
    Fliers from the Great War were trail-blazers in the conquest of distance.
  • When the Melbourne went to Hollywood by David Gist.  
    Glamour and colour entered the lives of Australian sailors in 1959.
  • Lawrence Bragg and sound-ranging by John JenKin.  
    A brilliant Australian played a crucial but unrecognised role in the Great War.
  • Artist on the medical front line by Cherie Prosser.  
    Official war artist Nora Heysen documented the significance of Australian malaria research.
  • Plus regular features including Reflections, Mail Call and Book Reviews

Cover of Wartime issue 51

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