Wartime Issue 52

Spring 2010

Behind the wire - the prisoner of war experience

  • Shelter in time of war by Richard Braithwaite.  
    The Big Tree of Sandakan was a place of significance to all who were held there.
  • Return from Changi by Nigel Stanley.  
    The paintings of a prisoner on the Burma–Thailand railway tell a story with a twist in the ending.
  • An officer's first duty by Dianne Rutherford.  
    A mass breakout from a German prisoner-of-war camp was a success even though it failed.
  • Painting on the inside by Bridie Macgillicuddy.  
    Australian painters gave us a view of life in European prisoner-of-war camps during the Second World War.
  • Bold bids for freedom by Aaron Pegram.  
    Many Australian prisoners during the First World War made escape attempts, but very few succeeded.
  • Cowra – an early warning by Graham Apthorpe.  
    The mental state of a Japanese prisoner was a warning his jailers ignored.
  • Two funerals and a breakout by Keiko Tamura.  
    A Japanese prisoner at Cowra went on to become a force for reconciliation.
  • Chivalry versus Bushido by Kan Sugahara.  
    Letters from prisoners of the Japanese were dropped over Port Moresby in 1942 – but how did this come about?
  • Battle over the fjord by Scott Milson.  
    A raid on German ships in 1945 was heroic but costly.
  • Sticking to his guns by Tom Lewis.  
    One of the great fighting captains of the Royal Australian Navy is still revered today.
  • The raid on Celtic Wood by Michael Kelly.  
    The 10th Battalion's action was tragic, but it's no longer a mystery.
  • Plus regular features including Reflections, Mail Call and Book Reviews

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