Wartime Issue 54

Autumn 2011

Defiance, 1941: Tobruk - Greece - Crete

  • The Great siege by Karl James. 
    Tobruk's defiant defenders withstood repeated enemy attack, endured searing heat and dust storms, and created a legend.
  • The Grecian disaster by Karl James.  
    The ill-fated Greek campaign was one long withdrawal.
  • Unacknowledged heroes.  By Greg Gilbert. 
    Australians made a valiant contribution to the air war over Greece.
  • Courage amid chaos by Maria Hill.  
    The Greek people supported Australian troops through the harshest times.
  • The personal view by Ally Roche.  
    Changes in technology aided the vision of war photographer George Silk.
  • Jump onto Retimo airfield by Brad Manera.  
    German paratroopers in Crete got more than they bargained for.
  • A star over Crete? by Anthony Staunton.  
    Recognition for service on Crete has been a complex and sensitive issue.
  • Operation demon by Richard Pelvin.  
    The evacuation of Greece was a tough test for the Australian navy.
  • Tragedy of two brothers by Peter Burness.  
    Their letters reveal extraordinary deeds by ordinary soldiers in the Great War.
  • War artist at work by Bridie Macgillicuddy.  
    Frank Norton captured the act of serving in war.
  • Out from the trenches by Craig Blanche.  
    Varied fates awaited Victoria Cross-holders when they returned to civilian life after the Great War.
  • Australia's newest Victoria Cross by Elizabeth Stewart.  
    Another story emerges from Afghanistan.
  • Plus regular features including Reflections, Mail Call and Book Reviews