Wartime Magazine Issue 55

Vietnam: 40 years on.

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The Vietnam War cats a long shadow. Australia’s longest and most divisive war shaped the outlook of a generation and shifted or perceptions of Asia.

  • The last battle by Gary McKay. The action at Nui Le in September 1971 came at a high cost.
  • Tilting at tin cans by Michael Cecil. Australian armour in South Vietnam was assaulted by a clever and determined enemy.
  • Operation Wandering Souls by Bob Hall. Australians are helping Vietnam locate some of its thousands of missing in action.
  • Ten days at the office by Don Barnby. Going on an SAS reconnaissance patrol meant living a life of stealth and silence.
  • ‘A very close thing indeed’ by Ashley Ekins. The Battle of Long Tan was Australia’s most costly battle in Vietnam.
  • Unique memorial – the Long Tan Cross by Ashley Ekins. The monument has a chequered history.
  • Unravelling the riddles of Long Tan. The late Ian McNeill wrote the book on this battle; here his research in Vietnam is described by his co-author, Ashley Ekins.
  • She was only 19 by Elizabeth Stewart. The death of entertainer Cathy Wayne, in Vietnam left a puzzle that has never been solved.
  • Got a light? By David Gist. Inscriptions on the side of a cigarette lighter offer an insight into the views of the ordinary soldier in Vietnam.
  • Battle for the hearts and minds – the propaganda war in Vietnam by Ashley Ekins. Both sides used leaflets and posters to demonise their opponents.
  • A soldier’s soldier by Craig Blanch. Abandoned as a child, Ray Simpson adopted the army to become one of Australia’s greatest front-line soldiers.
  • Australia and the ‘New World Order’. By Robert O’Neill. Writing an official history is a demanding task: in this review article, an eminent official historian explains why.
  • Soft cover, fully illustrated, 75 pages.