Normandy: the 70th anniversary of the landings at Normandy and the ensuing battle that ultimately liberated Europe from Nazism.

  • The significance of Normandy by Robin Prior. Long in the planning, much was at stake on D-Day.
  • D-Day from go to woe by Antony Beevor. The world’s greatest invasion had huge effects.
  • Monty and D-Day by Nigel Hamilton. How his biographer came to discover the crucial skills of a great commander.
  • On the Great Crusade by Lachlan Grant. Australian participation in Normandy and the liberation of Western Europe came at great cost.
  • Spitfires on the continent by Karl James. No. 453 Squadron, RAAF, was the only Australian unit to serve on the ground in Normandy. But this distinction came at a heavy cost.
  • Keeping faith with the Devils by Michael Kelly. Australians with No. 196 Squadron, RAF, ferried British paratroops on D-Day.
  • A correspondent’s view by Emma Campbell. Not everyone who landed in Normandy was a combatant.
  • Operation Bagration by David Stahel. As Normandy raged, the Red Army launched its greatest offensive.
  • A long way from home by Bridie MacGillicuddy. Artists in Europe during the Second World War.

Plus regular features, including book reviews, letters, and Memorial news.

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