Wartime Magazine Issue 68 - Spring 2014

Spring 2014

Key events of the world wars: France 1914 and the Philippines 1944

  • From the Philippines to Long Tan by Lenore Heath.
    How chance and the upheavals of war created and broke bonds.
  • The Deperdussin: a “dirty dustbin” by Ashleigh Wadham
  • The Western Front 1917-1918 by Robin Prior.
    The bloody road from stalemate to victory.
  • Going to war in 1914 by Peter Burness.
    How the nation geared up in a remarkable way to meet challenges on many fronts.
  • The French Campaigns of 1914 by Elizabeth Greenhalgh.
    The French Army thwarted German plans, but at great coast.
  • First into action by David Stevens.
    The Royal Australian Navy performed valuable service July-December 1914.
  • An outsider’s impressions. Scottish historian Neil Oliver speaks to Emma Campbell about the Australian experience of the Great War.
  • Walter & William: father and son both took part in the world wars by Chris Goddard.
  • The end of the line: the experiences of Australian prisoners of war in Japan by Lachlan Grant.
  • Short waves of hope? Radio messages from Allied prisoners were broadcast by radio Tokyo by Gabrielle Considine.
  • From peril to triumph by Richard Frank.
    How Douglas MacArthur achieved his return in 1944.
  • Taking MacArthur back: Australians played a part in the liberation of the Philippines 1944-45 by Karl James.
  • The Last Post: Privates David & Colin Barr 1890-1916, 1896-1916 by Meleah Hampton.
  • Plus regular features, including book reviews, letters and Memorial news.  

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