Wartime magazine issue 72

Spring 2015

The Korean War: background and battles 1945 to 1953

  • The mighty ATOM by Nick Fletcher.
    The Malayan Emergency was largely fought, and won, by soldiers relying upon a single pocket-sized handbook: The conduct of anti-terrorist operations in Malaya.
  • Map of Korea. Cartography by Keith Mitchell.
  • From Hiroshima to Vietnam by Peter Edwards.
    How Australia’s strategy and military commitments in Asia developed from 1945 to 1965.
  • Korean Wars only the Koreans knew, 1905-50 by Allan R. Millett.
    The Korean War had its roots in ancient conflicts with neighbouring nations and among Koreans themselves.
  • Crossing the line by James Zobel.
    General MacArthur saw Korea as the place to end communist expansion for ever.
  • Hard road to Pakchon by Michael Kelly.
    In their first duty, the Australians of 3RAR proved their mettle alongside their British comrades.
  • Mustangs over Korea by Michael Molkentin.
    Airmen of the Royal Australian Air Force became the first Australians to fight in the Korean War’s dramatic opening months.
  • Trial by fire and ice by Steven Paget.
    Three Australian ships served during the Korean offensive, June to December 1950.
  • Vietnam: the first to fight by Bob Breen.
    Marking the 50th anniversary of the first Australian Army combat unit in Vietnam.
  • Snapshots from Korea by Lenore Heath.
  • Collection insights by Kerry Neale.
  • Truce with teeth in it by Daniel Eisenberg.
  • Behind the scenes by Emma Campbell and Dr Steven Bullard.
    Discover the stories behind some of the Memorial’s collection items, exhibitions and special activities.
  • The Last Post by Michael Kelly. Wing Commander Louis Thomas Spence DFC and Bar, 1917-1950.
  • Plus regular features, including Reflections, Mail call, and book reviews.

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