Wartime magazine issue 77

Summer 2017

Axis Ascendant: Nazis on the move

  • Blitzkrieg - exploding the myth? by James Holland.
    The Nazi regime was committed to a strategy that had many flaws built into it.
  • Grinding to a halt by David Stahel.
    Operation Barbarossa, Hitler's invasion of the Soviet Union, had more than a determined enemy to cope with.
  • Surviving the holocaust by Lachlan Grant. 
    Remembering the survivors from Hitler's Europe who made new lives in postwar Australia.
  • Pearl harbour 75 years on by Jonathan Parshall.
    The famous battle is still open to new interpretations.
  • A Japanese invasion? by Steven Bullard.
    A proposed invasion of Australia was never a realistic proposition.
  • The beginning of the end by Xavier Fowler.
    One Catastrophic night in the battle of Singapore.
  • Fighting for time by Garth Pratten.
    The Japanese driving charge proved too much for British and Commonwealth forces in the Malayan campaign.
  • Plus regular features, including Reflections, Mail Call, and book reviews.

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