Short Stirling

This was the first operational four-engine heavy bomber in the RAF. At the time it was considered a modern giant, capable of reaching the most distant targets. An Australian Stirling pilot, Flight Sergeant R. H. Middleton, was awarded a posthumous Victoria Cross after a raid on Turin, Italy, in November 1942. The Stirling could not achieve the altitude or range of the Lancaster, and had a reduced bomber role as the war progressed.

Short S29 Stirling Mk III

Short S29 Stirling Mk III
Wingspan 30.2 metres
Length 26.6 metres
Engines Four Bristol Hercules XVI radial engines of 1,650 horsepower
Armament Nine .303-inch machine-guns; up to 7,710 kilograms of bombs
Crew Seven

AWM UK2691Stirling bomber aircraft of No. 46 Squadron RAF in flight. UK2691